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Where to find Disney World Restaurant Menus

by Dad
(The Office)

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So where do you go to find the menus for the restaurants at Walt Disney World? This is one of the things that comes up all the time, looking for the menus at Walt Disney World. Mrs Mom and I, when decide to go on a trip the first thing we do is to dive into menus. Because we’re all about where we’re going to eat when we’re at Walt Disney World.

So we get all the menus for all the different places we’re thinking about eating. We look at the menus, in fact some of our couch time (the time we spend together at night), Mrs Mom will bring her papers out and I’ll get my laptop and we’ll look at menus.

casey's corner menu

Casey’s Corner is a must-do for Dad – Photo by Laurie Sapp

So where do we go to look at these menus? For a long time the place to go was They have menus from all of the restaurants on We still go there. We still look at the menus at That’s kind of where we start. Deb Wills’ site. We have used it for years as our go-to place for where to look at Walt Disney World menus. Another place we go to look is WDWinfo, they’ve got menus there.

But the real place to look now, this wasn’t true a few years ago but Disney has finally put up-to-date menus on their website. So you go to the My Disney Experience app, or you go to the Disney website and look for the restaurants. You can get the menus for every restaurant at Walt Disney World. Every meal, every restaurant.

They are the most up to date. The problem with getting menus, the reason we don’t have them on our website is they change all the time and keeping them up to date is a tough task. Deb Wills at has been struggling with that for years. She does a great job of keeping the menus up to date, but they change so often it’s just a really, really big task.

The place to go now, is to your My Disney Experience or to the Disney website, and you can see the menus. In fact some places you can actually, if you’re in the parks, you can actually order online and see what’s available to order online. I love mobile ordering but that’s another thing. We’ve talked about mobile ordering before.

Dad’s Mobile Ordering Page

Dad’s Bottom Line

The best place to go to look at the menus for Walt Disney World is the Disney website. so, bottom line is, those are the three major sites for Walt Disney World menus. The Walt Disney World website, the Disney allears net and the WDWinfo,

All right, there you go. If you’ve got any others that you like put them down in the comments.


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Feb 20, 2018 Price
by: Anonymous

Where do you see the price of meals? I did not see that in the disney app?

Dad Answers

It depends on the restaurant. If a restaurant has a fixed price you won’t see the cost. Most restaurants have different prices for items have the price of the items on them.

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