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Where to get Disney Dollars?


by Dixie


Are Disney Dollars still available to purchase anywhere? I would love to get some for my daughter.



Disney Dollars

Disney Dollars Photo by mandiberg

Dad’s Not So Easy Answer


Dixie, boy oh boy, you’ve hit a sore subject with dear ol’ Dad. Disney Dollars have been a great tradition in our family, and we’re sad to see them slowly going extinct. You can still get them, but they’re hard to find and you’ll have to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want to get them prior to arriving at the parks.


In 1987, Disney came up with a brilliant idea: print little coupons that look like real money, only more colorful and fun, with Mickey and his pals on them instead of past Presidents. They sold these “Disney Dollars” for the same price as the value printed on the bills ($1 USD = $1 Disney Dollar). You could trade in your regular money for Disney Dollars and use them around the parks like regular cash.


Dad, that sounds like a real cute idea, but why on earth would you say it’s brilliant? Well, you see, the Disney Dollars were so nice to look at that many families kept a few as a memento from their trip. Even at just a dollar or two per family, that adds up to a lot of REAL dollars that Disney got to keep free and clear! Told you it was brilliant!


Anyway, Disney Dollars had a great run of popularity over the past couple of decades. Mrs. Mom loved to give the kids Disney Dollars for their spending money each day on our trips to Walt Disney World! In fact, when the Princess and her Prince Charming honeymooned at Disney World few months ago, Mrs. Mom’s unsuccessful hunt for Disney Dollars to give them turned into her declaring the ruination of a family tradition!


But Dad, I thought you said I can still buy Disney Dollars? It’s true, you can. But you used to be able to buy them in the Disney Store at your local mall prior to your trip. Now the only way to get them is in the parks! You can’t get them online either, but you might be able to order them from Disney Merchandising (with a mailing fee tacked on!). You can get a gift card at the Disney Store, but where’s the fun in that?


The way I see it, you have a few options: you can order Disney Dollars by mail, you can wait until you arrive at the parks to purchase them, or if you have a friend/family member/co-worker/neighbor who is visiting either Disneyland or Walt Disney World between now and your trip you can simply have them pick up some Disney Dollars on your behalf.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Dixie, this probably wasn’t the easy-peasy answer you were looking for, but it’s the best I can do. I wish that Disney would bring back Disney Dollars in full force, but with the Key to the World card which can now serve as your room key, dining plan, park tickets, and charge card, I feel like Disney is moving further away from cold hard cash all together, not just their own currency!


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Apr 19, 2016 Current ones not in the park
by: Anonymous I have tried and tried to get current Disney 2014 dollars in the parks……..never could find them. I always ask for them but are offered older T dollars which are very common and easy to buy on eBay.
You can buy them thru Disney but are restricted to quantity and are charged a $15.00 fee. Why….I don’t know….most of these dollars are collected and never spent which is a win win for Disney ….you would think they would send them for free.

Nov 09, 2014 Hmmm. I Have An Idea
by: Anonymous Sounds like a prospect for someone to make a few bucks. If going to Disneyland anyway, a local could get the Disney bucks and sell them on eBay, etc. There are a lot of old Disney bucks on there, why not new ones?

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  1. I have 2 Disney dollars that I bought years ago and I have seen where some people on the interweb were selling them for big bucks, the very ones that I have. Mine still look brand new no folds they look nice. I guess I will keep them for my grandkids when I die they can have them and I hope they will keep them like I have.

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