Where to get FastPass+ information?

by Bennie
(Jonesville, Michigan )

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“Where can we find out what FastPasses are available? We are over 60 days out and cannot search on what is available. What would like to know to figure out which ones we’re interested in. Thank you so much.”

Dad's Ultimate FastPass+ Cheatsheet

Check out Dad’s Ultimate FastPass+ Cheatsheet

Bennie, yes, you cannot look at FastPass+ for the day that you are going. You won’t be able to do that until the 60 day mark, so you won’t be able to see exactly what’s available on that day.

My suggestion would be to look at all of the available FastPass+ locations and decide which ones you’re interested in and have a game plan for that 60 day mark.

We have a page which has a guide to FastPass+, tells you everything you need to know about FastPass+, including a cheat sheet that tells you what rides have FastPass in each park.

Dad’s Ultimate Guide to FastPass+ page

In fact, this week, just yesterday, we updated it with the Animal Kingdom, with Flights of Passage, and the Na’vi River Journey. It tells you which ones, which rides, you should always, it’s always a good idea to FastPass certain rides.

It’s usually a good idea on busy days to get a FastPass+ for certain rides. Then there are rides that you pretty much never need FastPass+ on. We’ve got that on our FastPass+ cheat sheet, which is on that FastPass+ page.

Go to that page and check out, on that page, each one of them that’s listed. Check out what I say about FastPass+.

Again, make a plan. Have a plan ready for that 60 day mark, so when it comes, when you’re up and you’re there in the morning, six o’clock in the morning, and you’re starting to make those FastPass+ reservations, you know and you know which one, always start with the always need a FastPass+ ones.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s what I would do. Make a plan. You’re not going to be able to see what’s available in advance. You’re going to have to go that day, make your FastPass+ reservations, see what’s available on the 60 day mark. You want to have a plan before that day.

Hope that helps.


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Jun 23, 2017 Wrong info downloadable page
by: Anonymous

Your downloadable page is the old version not the new one with Flight of Passage and the navi river ride.

Dad Answers

Oops. Thought I fixed that. It’s fixed now.

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