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Where to propose at Disney World?

by Bryan

Hi Dad!

I need your help. I live in Australia and I booked a surprise vacation for my long-term girl friend and myself to visit Disney World in November for 2 weeks (staying at Port Orleans). This is our first visit to Disney World and I plan on finally biting the bullet and proposing (she has been hinting for a long time). However, as I have never been I am not to sure where to do it! We are both huge Disney fans and I know Disney world will be the perfect place.

She is someone that probably wouldn’t like it being announced on stage etc so I guess it has to be private or semi-private…… Do you have any ideas, recommendations or suggestions?

P.S. Thanks for such a great site. It is extremely informative, helpful and entertaining. Please keep up the great work!

Tom Bricker proposing at Disney World's Polynesian Beach

Tom Bricker proposed on the beach at the Polynesian – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s there is only one place Answer


Congratulations! Walt Disney World is the perfect place to propose (or honeymoon). You’re girlfriend is one lucky gal.

UPDATE: She said yes.

(Something just hit me. Your girlfriend might just read this, so, as we say in the government, I’ve de-identified this so she can’t figure out it’s you.)

When it comes down to proposals, there is only one “Perfect” place for Disney lovers. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first, let’s talk about some less obvious, romantic places where you might propose.

Let’s start with the beaches. On of my photographer friends Tom Bricker proposed on the Polynesian Beach during Wishes. Now that’s pretty cool. It would probably be my number 2 choice for places to propose at Disney World.

Dads’s Polynesian Resort page

There’s always the fabulous meal route at a quiet restaurant like Chef Mickey’s, oops, I mean Victoria and Albert’s. Victoria and Albert’s is a small restaurant and you probably get some privacy for a proposal. (Might be the only restaurant in Disney World where you can get privacy.) The staff at Victoria and Albert’s deal with proposals on a regular basis and will make sure it’s a special time.

Or you could do it on your favorite ride, like say, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but there might be some ring problems there. (Although the Tomorrowland Transit Authority does have some nice quiet places that could work.)

If your girlfriend really likes Lady and the Tramp you could propose in front of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Then go in and slurp some spaghetti together. That would be precious.

I ask Mrs. Mom and she came up one I’d forgotten about. Mrs. Mom reminded me of the old TV show “Full House” (an American TV show in the ’80s). Jesse proposed to Becky on a dinner cruise. How romantic.

You can always get Disney to help. They’ll be glad (for the right price) to lend a hand. In fact they have a whole group dedicated to helping you come up with the perfect proposal. You can check out the Disney Weddings – Engagements page. There are some interesting ideas there. (No I didn’t read that page before I wrote this one.)

Enough talk, the bottom line is there is really only one place where a real Disney lover proposes –

The Winner Is …

A proposal in front of Cinderella Castle

Here’s the only place to propose – Photo by Matte

Right smack dab in front of Cinderella Castle. Here’s what you do Bryan (or whatever your name really is), you go to Cinderella Castle, tell your girlfriend you want to get a picture and grab the nearest PhotoPass photographer (if you can warn the photographer). When they get all set up, drop down on your knee and propose.

Yes there might be a bazillion people there watching, but it’s the perfect place. Trust me.

Dads’s Cinderella Castle page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Bryan from Australia (wink, wink), like I said, there is only one real place for Disney lovers to propose or be proposed too. It’s a once in a lifetime experience never to be forgotten. Do it right!

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Aug 26, 2013 Send Pics
by: Mrs. Mom

After she says, “YES”, be sure and send a picture to Dad.

Dad adds

Yeah, what Mrs. Mom said. I’d love to see pictures. Bryan (or whatever your name really is).

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