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Where to watch the Super Bowl at Walt Disney World?



“I’m planning a weekend trip to Disney World for my daughter’s birthday which happens to be February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday. I haven’t booked my resort yet, and I assume all resorts will have the game playing at their pool bars. I’m looking for a resort with a big screen or a pool theater pop-up screen, so my husband can watch the game. Any suggestions?”


The ESPN Club at the Boardwalk

This is just above the entrance the ESPN Club – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Wow, what a great wife. You want to base your trip on where your husband can watch the Super Bowl. Wow, that’s pretty cool.


The Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of TV watching there is. Yes, all the resort pool bars will have the TV on. However, I’m going to throw out another suggestion.


My suggestion would be that he goes over to the ESPN Club in the BoardWalk and watches the Super Bowl on TV. That would be a great place to watch the Super Bowl.


The Boardwalk at Disney World

Here’s the Boardwalk, it’s the place to watch – Photo by Andy Sanchez


You can also stay real close, like right next door at the BoardWalk Inn. It’s right there.


Dad’s Boardwalk Inn page


Also the Beach Club Resort is not far away, it’s probably a three or four minute walk from the Beach Club to the BoardWalk area. The Yacht Club Resort is probably seven or eight minutes. Any of those resorts will be right there at the ESPN Club.


I happen to have tried to go to the ESPN Club and watch football games one day. It was January 1st. This was way back when all of the ball games were played on January 1st.


This particular year I said, “Family, let’s go eat. We can go to the ESPN Club and eat and watch the games. Plus we can go to the BoardWalk, we can go enjoy the BoardWalk.


We went right about lunch time, and it was right during the Florida and, I believe it was, Michigan ball game. Bad choice. The University of Florida is about 60 miles away from Orlando in Gainsville. The place was packed, couldn’t get in, couldn’t get a table, just had to give up that idea.


With all of the Florida, the Michigan, there were all kinds of fans in there that day. That was a bad day to go.


I did later get back and had a $10 Hot Dog. It was good!


Now I don’t think that February 5th you’ll have that same problem because there won’t be as many people at Disney World on February 5th as there is on January 1st.


I think the ESPN Club would be a good place. If that happens to be full, then there are several bars that are around the BoardWalk.


Go to the BoardWalk, stay at the BoardWalk Inn, the Beach Club, or the Yacht Club and enjoy.


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