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Which day Disney World park should I visit on what day?

Hi Dad,
I have booked and in the process of planning my first and probably only trip to Disney World. I am 57 years old and had this dream all my life. My husband (which never wished to visit Disney, but I will change that) and I are going Dec. 4th to Dec. 11th this year 2010.

My husband did not want to go in the heat and after researching the best I could this week was one of the top picks for weather, crowds plus Christmas festivities. After reading your blog….I see now it might have not been such a great pick because of a competition that is going on there.

I want to try and plan every detail I can so not to waste time. Are there days of the weeks that are better than some to visit each park, or which Disney World park should we visit on what day? Any advise will be so greatly appreciated.

Dad’s you’re gonna have a great time Answer

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find that Dad has been helpful. So far, you haven’t done too badly in your planning. Yes, the first week in December is not the best week to go to Disney World (contrary to what some other commentators believe), but it’s certainly not the worst. Yes, you might run into some gangs of teenagers in the evenings, but I’ll give you a little hint on how to minimize that.

As to which day to visit a Disney World park, the only big recommendation would be to visit the Magic Kingdom on Saturday when you first arrive. Two reasons –

  • The first park you visit, especially if this will be the only visit ever, should be the Magic Kingdom.
  • Most of the teams won’t start showing up until Sunday or later, so you should have some quiet time to enjoy the park in the evening.
  • An alternative would be to get tickets for the Sunday night Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. (This is very optional because of the price, but it’s a really something special.)

    Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page

    The really no magic in the other days. If you have park hopper passes, I’d suggest you spend most of your evenings in EPCOT’s World Showcase. The kids won’t be in the World Showcase very much. There is not a lot of pre-teen type attractions over there, and there are some really good restaurants and some nice cultural displays for you to enjoy.

    I would make sure to be in Disney Hollywood Studios on Monday. Fantasmic will be shown that evening (be in line at least an hour before the 6:30 show). It will be shown again on Thursday, but, in my opinion, you’ll have smaller crowds on Monday.

    Those are the biggies. The number one thing is, you are going to be there for a full week. Don’t get in a hurray. Enjoy everything. If the crowds are big, find some nice looking people and talk to them. Enjoy the decorations. You’ll never see anything like them again. Go to all of the hotels and check out the “Gingerbread” exhibits. Some are totally out of this world.

    Christmas is the perfect time to visit. You’ll have a great time.

    Make sure to take a picture or two for ole Dad.

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