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Which day to get a picture in front of Cinderella Castle?

by Kay
(Norman, Ok)

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“We leave for our very first family trip to walt Disney world 9/26-10/5. We made be our guest before park opening reservations for 10/3 and 10/4 (trying to decide which one to keep) because our goal is to get a pre park pic in front of castle and to get on 7 dwarfs before park opening.

However I just read that the opening ceremony is now in front of the castle so they are now allowing general admission guests to enter MK an hour before park opening to line up around the castle to await the opening ceremony.

I’m really bummed because that’s the main reason we wanted to eat in the park before park opening and now I’m afraid that the new opening procedures have spoiled that chance.

Do you think we’d still have a chance if we get there at 7:45 for our 8:20am reservations? Do you think they’d allow us in at that time since we have reservations? Since they aren’t supposed to be allowing general guests into the park holding area until 8?

There isn’t an early magic morning or anything that day, so do you think we still have a chance? Also, which day do you think we would have the best chance at this picture?

Do you think 10/3 or 10/4 will be more crowded? MNSSH is taking place the evening of 10/4 and I’m pretty sure that 10/3 has late magic hours. Thank you!”

Might be overthinking

The Svenson family in front of Cinderella Castle

Hurry down Main Street ASAP and you can get a picture just like this – Photo by Brett Svenson

Hey Kay,

I think you might be overthinking this just a little bit.

The new opening procedure is different from the past. However that shouldn’t affect your getting a picture in front of the castle. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET A PICTURE IN FRONT OF THE CASTLE! And there probably won’t be any people in it.

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page

If your reservation at Be Our Guest is for 8:20, you’ll be able to get into the park around 8 or maybe as early as 7:50. Just walk down Main Street and get your picture. That early you won’t find many people congregating in front of Cinderella Castle.

Dad’s Be Our Guest page

It won’t keep you from taking a picture. Not that many people get there that early and if you get in before 8, you’ll have the park to yourself pretty much.

Oh and Disney does rope (or chain) off the area right in front of the castle so you’ll be able to get a picture just like the one above.

As to riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before the park opens, that’s not going to happen. Your Be Our Guest meal will last until after 9 and you won’t be able to ride before you go to Be Our Guest. Plus the ride won’t open until 9 AM.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train page

As to which day will be more crowded, the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party day will have lower crowds, but much shorter hours. You’ll have to leave the park at 6pm.

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party page

On the Extra Magic Hours day, the crowds will be bigger, but, if you’re staying in a Disney hotel you can stay in the park until 11 pm even if you’re not you can stay until 9. The crowds on MNSSHP days are usually pretty small so I’d pick that day.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kay, the bottom line is either day should work for your picture in front of Cinderella Castle. It’s really a take your pick. I’d lean toward the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party day because crowds will be much lower that day.

PS. Parts of this answer were taken from an email I sent to Kay the day the question came in.


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