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Which Days Should I Visit Each Park?

by Kathy Owens
(North Bend, OH)

We are planning a family (for our 40th anniversary) Disney vacation with 12 people – 6 adults and 6 kids. We are coming from the AAU volleyball tournament that ends for us on 6/22. We will be staying at Boardwalk as we are DVC members from 6/22-6/27 and were wondering what parks to hit when on the Wednesday thru Sunday days of our visit. Any suggestions or sites I can visit to get this information? Thank you so much!

animal kingdom

When is the best day to go to Animal Kingdom? – Photo by Judd Helms

Dad’s Day by Day Answer

Kathy, that sounds like a great family trip! As I’m sure you know, with more people comes more planning, so it’s a good thing you’re starting early – and that you thought to Ask Dad for help!

June is a busy time at WDW (but not quite yet “peak” season, and as you can see on Dad’s June Crowd Calendar, the crowd level during your trip will be wall-to-wall. But there are differences in each park each day and with some of Dad’s tips we’ll have you breezing through the park and enjoying family time. As a bonus – the humidity also isn’t at it’s peak so the crowds will feel much more manageable than later in the summer!

Since you’re staying on property as DVC memebers, I’m sure you know the drill – get your FastPass+ reservations at the 60 day mark, and make those Advanced Dining Reservations ASAP, if you haven’t already! With a big group, reservations are all the more important.

cinderella castle

Dad suggests two days at the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Mike Billick

Assuming you’re looking to visit one park per day, here’s the schedule Dad would follow:

Wednesday, head straight to Magic Kingdom and stay through their evening Extra Magic Hours.

On Thursday, start at Animal Kingdom, and consider the special event that night at Typhoon Lagoon – the DVC Beach Bash!

On Friday, go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and don’t forget their evening Extra Magic Hours.

On Saturday, spend the day at EPCOT and experience what will probably be the least crowded day of your trip.

On Sunday, choose whichever park you like – Dad would probably pick Magic Kingdom, but it’s up to your family which they’d enjoy more time at.

Dad just loves – you can get all the crowd projections you want there – and you can even use one of their expert plans to help you tour the parks with ease and shave off a lunch of time in line.

Just a few more tips… Get to the park for rope drop each day if you can, and head stright for the “big” rides which wil have short waits early in the day , then save your FastPass+ for the afternoon. With a big group, the parade and fireworks FastPass+ reservations might be a good idea so you can all stretch out together and enjoy the shows. Finally, don’t forget you can split FastPasses in your party – let’s say 8 people want to go on Space Mountain and 4 want to go on Buzz Lightyear, no problem!

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kathy, go in with a great PLAN and don’t forget to enjoy some spontaneity. Oh yeah – Happy Anniversary!

Comments for

Feb 12, 2018 Not helpful
by: phil

Your recommended days seem to disagree with other
Guides days is it because your looking at families or you do not know ??

Feb 22, 2017 June Visit
by: Anonymous

Hi Dad,
You really helped us with our planning last year and my husband and I are heading back June 18-24. We have family that are staying at Bonnet Creek and we are at Boardwalk. Any suggestions on how to plan fastpasses for that week knowing that they can’t choose theirs until 30 days out and we can 60 days out. Also, what parks would you suggest to go to Monday through Friday of that week? Thanks!

Dad’s Answer

That’s tough, but here’s what I’d do. Start making a plan so at the 30 day mark you have a list of the attractions you want to see. When the 30 day mark hits, grab FastPasses for the busiest/most important rides that are still available.

Then build your plan around getting to the parks when they open and riding the “big” rides you didn’t get a FastPass for as soon as possible.

For example, in EPCOT, let’s say you don’t get a FastPass for Frozen and Test Track. If you want to see Frozen, go there first thing. Then backtrack to Test Track etc. Do the busiest rides first.

The rest of the day will go a lot smoother.

As to day by day planning, I recommend Touringplans. They are the best at predicting day to day crowds.

Feb 16, 2016 Thanks
by: Kathy

Thanks so much for the great tips! I really appreciate you taking time to help us with our planning! I’m really looking forward to our visit to WDW!

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