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Which Deluxe hotel for the best value?

by david
(san jose,ca)

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“Hello. I have been to Disney world 10 times. I have always stayed at the budget or moderate resorts. We want to try a deluxe this time but it can be very expensive. Is there a particular favorite that has value for a deluxe? And is there a way to get the room night down to under 400.

Thank you”

A giraffe at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

What a great view at the Animal Kingdom Lodge – Photo by Laurie Sapp

David, this is one of those questions that I always try to get our partners at Destinations to Travel to answer. They know the Disney hotels. So I know. I could give you my answer. But I want to give a little bit different opinion. This is what Chris Boyer, one of the agents, really good, he’s a really good guy, really good agent at Destinations to Travel. They’re all good agents, but here’s what Chris says.

“Hi, David. Like you, I stayed at both value and moderate resorts before trying a deluxe. While they can be a bit pricey, I really enjoyed the amenities offered at Deluxe Resorts. When you’re looking at value, the question really becomes what exactly are you looking to get out of your resort? The Beach Club, Boardwalk and Yacht Club are all located within walking distance of EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, making your trips to the parks quick and painless.

The Night Life at the Boardwalk is a ton of fun and the restaurants at the Yacht Club and the Beach Club are among the best on property in my opinion. If you would like the monorail, an easy access to the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, the Polynesian, or the Grand Floridian may be your best bet. They offer a ton of amenities and some great dining. For a great view of the Savanna or quick access to Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge is a great choice. Lastly, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs offer large rooms and great theming with quick access to Disney Springs. The Deluxe Resorts are also locations that offer some great savings during the promotions.

“For example, the current Gift of Magic room offers you to book a Disney Boardwalk and for an average of $448.75 plus tax when you’re staying February 18 through February 24. That’s a nice savings over the normal rate of $598.33,” That’s a lot of money, “plus tax per night.” Yeah, over $600 a night for the … Well, whatever, for the Deluxe Resorts on the Boardwalk. That’s the Boardwalk Inn. “If you add five day tickets, a family of four can stay at the Boardwalk for $4,500,” and anyway.


Destinations to Travel LLC.
It’s kind of hard to get those hotels down to under $400 a night. What I will say is he left one of the hotels out, one of the Deluxe Resorts. He mentioned all but on and it’s probably the one, if you want to stay under $400 a night, depending on when you go, the one I would recommend that it would be the Wilderness Lodge. The Wilderness Lodge has boat service to the Magic Kingdom, Deluxe Fesort, nice amenities. It’s just a nice hotel. Now, it’s not real convenient. But it is a beautiful, beautiful place to stay.

That’s probably it and the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can probably get your prices down under $400 a night most of the year. Now if you want to go Christmas week, maybe not. But most of the year, I would say either the Animal Kingdom or the Wilderness Lodge, whichever fits what you like to do better.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is that it’s all about what you want, what feels best for you. Some of the discounts will get you some significant savings. But it’s what you feel most comfortable with, which hotel you feel the most comfortable with. Do give our partners at Destinations to Travel a ring today and let them help you figure it out.

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