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Which Disney Hotel would you pick?


by Tammy Scott
(Parkersburg, WV)


We are planning a trip for next year. We have stayed at the Pop before. My husband wants to stay in a deluxe. However, I cannot bring my self to spend that kind of money. We have said that we would split the difference and go with a moderate. We have been looking at the Coronado. I’m reading really mixed things on the Coronado. Our son will be five when we go next year.


Plans are do a park every other day. We will be there from Friday afternoon/evening to the following Sunday (9 nights) I would be happy staying at the Pop again. However, my husband thinks that it is just to cheesy. We will have a car. We are also major foodies and will be doing the deluxe dining plan. Should I just stop worrying about the money and stay at the Animal Kingdom or Wildness lodge like he wants.




Luigi and Guido from Cars Photo by Brett Kiger

Dad’s whole new Experience Answer




It sounds like you need something all new. Like you, I love the Pop Century. But sometimes you just have to try something new and different. (Like Dad and Mrs. Mom are.)


So what’s the newest thing when it comes to hotels at Walt Disney World? That’s right, it’s the brand new Art of Animation Resort. In fact it’s so new that as I write this on September 17, the last section just opened 2 days ago. Now that’s new.


And it’s totally different from the Pop or any of the other Value Resorts. It has themed rooms that are really cool. It also has Family Suites (which I’m still not a big fan of) which can sleep up to 6 (2 comfortably). The Family Suites are a big hit and sell out quickly. (What do I know?) You ought to at least think about the Art of Animation Resort.


Dads’s Art of Animation page


Like the Family Suites, I’m not a big fan of the Moderate Resorts. Since you husband wants to stay in a Deluxe Resort and he’s a bit of a hotel snob (like Mrs. Mom), I’ve got another suggestion. Just relax. Enjoy. There are 2 Deluxe Resorts that aren’t as pricey as the others. But the best news is they are awesome resorts.


I just erased three paragraphs about a couple of other resorts because I just realized you have a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY! You have to stay at the Art of Animation. What five year old boy doesn’t like “Cars”? The Cars section of the AoA is amazing. (What was I thinking? It’s so obvious.)



A table and chairs from a Cars Room at the Art of Animation Resort

Just look at this from a Cars room Photo by insidethemagic


Tell you what, go over to Dad’s Dreams Come True Vacations page right now and fill out the little form. One of the Disney Vacation Planners will get in touch with you and help you get your room all secured tonight. Yes, tonight. (Like I said before, these rooms fill up fast.)


Dads’s Dreams Come True Vacations page


Yes, your husband is going to think it’s a bit gaudy (he’s right), but you just get in his face and tell him it’s for your little boy. This is for little Johnnie. Sniffle a bit when you say it.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Tammy, this is a win, win situation (at least for you and little Johnnie). You get to stay at the Value Resort and save a bit of money and little Johnnie gets the thrill of a lifetime. Tell hubby he can stay at his snooty Deluxe Resort once Little Johnnie grows up a bit.


Dad's Disney World home page



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