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Which Disney Resorts have the best reputation for being clean

by Tim

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“First visit to Disney with a six year old. Reading reviews and finding a lot of complaints about the value and moderate resorts of musty rooms and rooms not cleaned well. Trying to decide whether to stay at Hilton Bonnet Creek or a Disney Resort. Cannot afford a deluxe. Do you have suggestions on which moderate or value resorts have the best reputation for being clean? We are not as worried about amenities.”

Crush oversees the Finding Nemo section of the Art of Animation

The Art of Animation is Kewl… – Photo by Brett Svenson

Tim, this is a good question. It’s one of those that’s kind of tough to answer, because I don’t know about those reviews. I don’t know who has written the reviews and what their point of view is. I will say from time to time, Disney hotels do go through kind of an up and down period. All hotels do, right before they all get refreshed, they probably need a refreshing.

I ask my partners over at Destinations to Travel for some recommendations. Chris Boyer from Destinations to Travel, he sent this for us.

Dad’s Destinations To Travel page

Chris says, “While some folks have some room complaints, let me tell you that in over a dozen stays at Walt Disney World, I have not experienced these room issues personally.”

I can say that myself, too. I have not experienced any problems and I stay at the Pop Century all the time.

“Disney has incredibly high standards and their mouse-keeping staff goes out of their way to ensure the rooms at the resorts meet expectations of their guests, which is quite a task considering just the pop century has almost 3,000 (2,884) rooms.”

“If you are specifically looking for a clean, up-to-date room in the Value or Moderate category, the Art of Animation resort is the newest resort opening in 2012. Art of Animation is beautiful, great theming, and is very much a favorite among a lot of Disney guests.

Dad’s Art of Animation page

“Pop Century would be the second recommendation in the value category. It is currently undergoing refurbishment.”

They just started refurbishing the Pop Century. They’re going to refurbish all the rooms in the Pop Century between now and next May, I think it is.

“While you cannot guarantee a specific room, you can book the Pop Century and request to be placed in the section that has been remodeled.”

Dad’s Pop Century page

I think the 90’s section was just about finished this week, so they’re starting with the 90’s and moving north. You would request a 90’s room and that would be refurbished. Pop is also a fan favorite and has a great reputation for being clean and comfortable. Stayed there a bunch of times. Yeah, sometimes it gets a little run down, but that’s what the refurbishments are all about.

“In the Moderate category, Coronado Springs is also undergoing refurbishment and the rooms look fantastic. The theming, is beautiful, of course. The resort is great and the newly refreshed rooms are bright and welcoming.”

There you go, those are Chris’ recommendations, I agree with Chris. The rooms … Yes, for the most part, 99.99% of people have a really good stay at Disney hotels. Hundreds of thousands of people stay there every month … There are 28,000 hotel rooms at Walt Disney World, so there’s going to be a few clunkers at times. Just natural.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

For the most part, Disney hotels are top notch. They always rank very high in customer satisfaction, so I wouldn’t worry about staying at any of the Disney hotels. Like Chris says, the Pop Century, the newly refurbished rooms will be brand new. The Art of Animation, still a new hotel. The Coronado Springs, newly refurbished rooms. Should take care of things. Hope that helps, Chris.


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Jun 19, 2017 Very clean
by: Daniel

Hi Dad! Over the years we have stayed at the Pop Century, the three all-Star resorts and have found no problems whatsoever cleanliness wise. They are actually VERY CLEAN compared to a lot of the hotels off Disney property…

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