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Which Disney World park to exclude

by Lawrence Ianetta
(Salem, MA)

I can only visit 3 of the Disney World Parks with my 7 year old son due to time restrictions. Am I correct in my assumption that EPCOT, despite improvements over the years, is probably the park to exclude?

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I agree, EPCOT is the Disney World Park to exclude if you have to leave one out. Unless …

Unless your son is a fish nut. If Finding Nemo is his favorite movie, then I would consider dumping Animal Kingdom and doing EPCOT. Yes, there is a Finding Nemo show in the Animal Kingdom, but The Seas with Nemo and Friends is better for kids fascinated with fish.

Dad’s The Seas with Nemo and Friends page

Overall, you’re on the right track.

Comments for Which Disney World park to exclude

Aug 17, 2010


by: Anonymous

We’ve been to WDW for the last 2 years and hit all four parks each year. Our son is turning 9 this year during our WDW trip.

Animal Kingdom is our least favorite park – I’m not saying we won’t go to Animal Kingdom but we’ll be there for 7 days. We’ll go to Animal Kingdom once the doors open and stay until noonish (we can do all we want during that time) then we’ll either head to another park or back to the resort for some pool time.

My son loves EPCOT; Mission Space, Test Track, Sorin, and he loves going to the Worlds and doing Kim Possible. I know there is a few other attractions I missing but I can’t think of them.

I’m sure others my say go to Animal Kingdom but we just don’t feel it is an all day park for us – just our opinion. We hope you have a safe and fun trip!!!

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