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Which longhouse should we choose at the Polynesian Village Resort?

by Melissa
(London, ON)

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“Hi! Based on your recommendation, we booked the Poly for our upcoming Disney trip in August. We booked a standard room and I am trying to decide which longhouse to request. We are travelling with 4 kids, ages from 2-15. I am torn between the Samoa and the Rarotonga. Which do you think would be best for a large family, travelling with a baby and 3 boys who will be eager to go to the big pool? Thanks in advance for any tips and all of the wonderful information on your website!”

The Lava Pool at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the perfect place to take a dip in the pool – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Melissa, typically when we talk about choosing rooms, choosing longhouses or choosing buildings, I don’t recommend that. It’s just not something I particularly like. I’ve done it a few times. It’s okay. But a couple of times when I did it, I got a better option when I let Disney pick for me.

Basically though, for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort , if you’re choosing between the Rarotonga and Samoa longhouses for the pool, you go with Samoa because it’s close to the pool. It’s just that simple. Actually, Samoa is sandwiched right between both pools at the Poly, the Lava feature pool and the Oasis “quiet” pool so that’s about as much pool proximity as you can get.

Dad’s Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Page

Now just to make Dad’s lawyers happy, I do have to warn you that requesting a specific building is not a guarantee you’ll get it. Cast Members will do their best but ultimately you have to be prepared to take whatever room is available. But it never hurts to ask for what you want – with a smile of course!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, between Rarotonga and Samoa, I would go with Samoa because of the pool proximity. Now, Touring Plans has really cool little thing you might want to look at. If you’re not a subscriber, you can click this link to subscribe to

Once you’re a subscriber, they have a tool where you can actually see every room at all of the Disney hotels. You can see the view from each room and you can choose your room that way. As a subscriber, you can even make a choice based on room number and have a request sent to Disney. It works pretty nicely. I know Stephanie, my assistant, got the exact room she requested.

When I requested we got a room in the same building, but it wasn’t the room we requested. But it still works pretty well.


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Jan 19, 2018 Thanks!
by: Melissa

Thanks for your response. I’ll check out that link. Ultimately, it’s not a big deal if we don’t get the longhouse we request but it never hurts to ask, I guess.

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