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Which night for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

by Nancy
(Morgantown, WV)

Hi Dad! A huge bucket-list item of mine has always been to see WDW decorated for Christmas! My dream is coming true as we are going soon, Nov 10-16 and will celebrate both my daughter’s 9th birthday and my 40th while we are there! I know we just have to go to MVMCP but I just can’t decide which night would be less crowded… Mon 11/11 (the start of the Free Dining Promotion) or Thursday 11/14 or Friday 11/15? I suspect Friday nights are pretty crowded, so we are really only considering Mon or Thursday. Which do you think is our best bet??

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party night

Are you ready for a Party? – Photo by Ricky Brigante

Dad’s probably Answer


I like your bucket list. You’ll have a great time at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It’s a great time even when it’s crowded.

Dads’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page

We’ve noticed a big change in the parties through the years. When we first started going the crowds were pretty small and there were rarely any sold out nights. Now it seems like almost every party sells out and the crowds are bigger.

That being said, when it comes to the best night I agree that you definitely want to avoid Friday nights. That’s probably the busiest night every week. The second busiest night is usually Thursday night. So that leaves Monday night as the best night to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

You’re going to be blown away by all the great things to see and do during your visit. The Magic Kingdom is amazing, EPCOT has Holidays Around the World, the Studios has Osborne Lights, and the hotel decorations are just incredible. There’s just nothing better than …

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It’ll be a bit after you get home, but on November 29th the Christmas issue of WDW Magazine will be out. Even if you just went you won’t want to miss it.

WDW Magazine page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Nancy, Monday will be your best bet. It’s going to be great. Make sure to let us know how it went.

Comments for

Nov 23, 2014 MVMCP Nov 2014
by: Anonymous

I just got back from Disneyworld . we went from Nov 16th- 22nd 2014. our first day in (Sunday the 16th, we went to MVMCP. I will admit, I was a little worried, not knowing what to expect crowd wise (never attended a MVMCP before)..but I was SO VERY pleasantly surprised (thank goodness)!

I picked a great day to attend !!! (pats self on the back). Sunday turned out to be a great choice, and not being the very 1st party this November helped, and not choosing Thursday or Friday helped as well.

I may have chosen one of the few dates that did NOT sell out. crowds were great . pleasant, low, and just perfect. we selected a spot to watch the parade, set up a tri-pod, and captured the whole thing on video. I love it. also, when that ended we walked on to the toy story ride 3 times in a row with ZERO wait time !! how fabulous I that ??? we also went on small world, peter pan, haunted mansion and maybe a couple others with NO waiting , just walked right on !!

we enjoyed the view of the lit castle, but skipped the fireworks for the most part to enjoy walking on rides. I didn’t care for the hot chocolate or cookies. but that’s no big deal. what a wonderful way to start our vacay 🙂 on the bus ride to our resort a few days later, someone was complaining how it was so wall to wall for Thursdays MVMCP that they were getting bumped into, and pushed around so much, no able to move that the crowds were out of control, and their $ was refunded it was so bad for the sold out show. they did not stay because crowds were unmanageable.

I feel bad for that family, and anyone else who attended. so really at this point, unless you get lucky and choose a good day, it may turn into a bad experience

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