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Which of the All Star Resort should we pick?


Hi Dad! My husband and I always stay at the Polynesian when we visit, but this time my family is coming too. In order to save money, we are planning on staying at an All-Star resort. We weren’t sure about which one to stay at. We were thinking about bus stops and waiting times for buses would be a big factor in our decision. We are going October 9-14, 2013. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I love your website!


30 year old from Northern NY



The Juke Box at the All Star Music Resort

Juke Box at the All Star Music Resort Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s if I really have to Answer


Dear 30,


This is hard. I’m not a big fan of the All Star Resorts. I really prefer the Pop Century and the Art of Animation. There, I’ve said it. Now let’s talk about why.


When it comes to the All Star Resorts, they are all pretty well identical in layout. The only major differences is the decorations. When it comes to that, I’ll let you choose between the three. I will say that for the most part, when the three share buses the first stop is at the Sports. This can lead to long waits at the other resorts, but usually isn’t too much of a problem.



The Pop Century

The Pop Century is colorful Photo by Tom Bricker


So Dad, why do you recommend the Pop Century and the Art of Animation?


Good question. Our family loves the Pop Century. It’s just cool. It’s fun and easy to get around. We like the decor better and the food court is the best of all the Value Resorts. The big thing is it has it’s own bus service. It doesn’t even share with the Art of Animation. (That’s because it’s huge. It has 2880 rooms by itself.)


Dads’s Pop Century page



Tow Mater outside of the new Art of Animation Resort

Tow Mater outside the Art of Animation Photo by rcpromike


The reason I’d recommend the Art of Animation is a lot like the Pop. It’s really something special and it’s brand new. It’s also pretty special. If the family like any of the movies represented at the Art of Animation, they’ll be thrilled by the hotel. It’s truly amazing.


Like the Pop, it has it’s own bus service which means quicker trips to and from the parks.


Dads’s Art of Animation page


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Dad’s Bottom Line


The All Stars are all right and if that’s what you decide on, you’ll have a great time. The Pop Century is one step up and the Art of Animation is another step up.


Why not let my friends over at Dreams Come True Vacations help you make your decision. They can provide lots more information than I can here. They’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and figure out which resort will be the best for you. Give them a shout today.


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