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Which parks for 2 tweens for just 2 days?


by Jessica
(Williamsille, NY)


Video Transcript


Jessica in Williamsville New York says, Santa is bringing my 12 year old son and my nine year old daughter magic bands for two days at Disney World. They’ve never been to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom. We can choose to visit February 20th, 21st, 22nd, and since that’s President’s Day we want to avoid the park offering the extra magic hours.


My question is what two parks would you recommend for a tween boy and girl? I was thinking EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, but I’m worried that they still might be a little young to fully appreciate EPCOT. Hollywood Studios seems to have more shows then rides, and they may prefer rides, but it is Presidents week I do not want to spend my whole day waiting in lines. I’ve read through one day plans for tweens, and a case can be made for any of the parks. What’s your opinion?


The cool stufff at EPCOT

EPCOT is pretty cool – Photo by Judd Helms


Okay. Let’s just think about this for a second. Jessica, it’s a hard question to answer. Number one I don’t know your children. That’s the main thing, that’s the hard thing to answer. You’ve kind of given me a hint into what they like, but the number one thing is you know what your kids would like. Make your choice based on what you think they would like.


Now don’t just discount EPCOT because of the world showcase, and think they won’t like the world showcase. There’s a lot of cool stuff back in the world showcase, even for tweens. Yeah, not Kidcot. You got to see the American adventure. I know it’s history, it’s America. Do they like music? If they like music take them back to the American adventurer and see the voices of liberty, but you got to see the show in America.


Dad’s EPCOT page


There’s the acrobats in China, there’s the drummers in Japan, there’s the sitar player in Morocco, or whatever the entertainment. I think that entertainments changed, but there’s lots of cool entertainment going on all around EPCOT, all around the world showcase if they like music.


The rides in EPCOT are pretty cool. If they’re Frozen, if your daughter is a Frozen person you may have to go to EPCOT and see the new Frozen exhibit. Mission Space, Test Track,The Land, Crush, all of those things. Great rides in EPCOT.


Hollywood Studios another place where the rides are just the best. Hollywood Studios has the best rides. If they’re into roller coasters, and tower of terror. If they don’t like those kind of things, roller coasters, tower of terror don’t go to Hollywood Studios.


Yeah, Toy Story mania is great, but the rides in Hollywood Studios are bouncier, faster, harder rides than the rides in the other parks. Hollywood Studios shows, lot of shows. Absolutely there are a lot of shows in Hollywood Studios. Pretty cool shows though. Frozen sing a long…


Dad’s Disney Hollywood Studios page


Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is for animal lovers basically. If they’re into animals go to Animal Kingdom. That’s just the thing. The safari great ride, the walkthroughs, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Maharajah Jungle Trek. Great things. Kilimanjaro is so much fun.


Okay the walkthroughs, Maharajah Jungle Trek. All of those, the bird show they’re all pretty good. Finding Nemo the Musical, great show. The shows in Animal Kingdom, the Lion King show, Finding Nemo the Musical really, really outstanding shows.


Dad’s Animal Kingdom page


I think it’s one of those, it’s very personal. Now before you go kind of crazy on which day to go to what park, the crowds are going to be really big, go over there and look at TouringPlans. I know it costs a little to subscribe, if you to our TouringPlans page Stephanie will throw a link in down below.


Dad’s TouringPlans page


If you go to our TouringPlans page we’ve got a little discount. I think you can get 15% off. Go over there and look, because the Presidents Day week what they say the crowds will be Presidents Day week really kind are.


I looked just a little while ago, really surprised me how low the crowd predictions are for Presidents Day week. You can kind of see which day is the best to go to which park.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, Dad’s bottom line, go over and check touring plans, pick your parks a little bit based on what’s the best park for the best day. Don’t obsess about the crowds. Crowds are part of it. Get to the parks early, ride the busy rides first, enjoy the rest of the day. Use fast pass plus. Basic, basic how to deal with crowds, and you don’t have any problems.


Number one is pick the parks that your kids are going to enjoy the most. You’re there to create the memories, that’s what’s important. It’s not so much the crowds. The crowds are going to be there, don’t worry to much about them. The crowd levels aren’t that big a difference. Just be sure to do the three things. Get to the parks early, ride the busy rides first, use fast pass plus.


disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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