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Which room at Port Orleans Riverside



Video Transcript


I reserved a king room. Can I request a specific room or building? Will they honor it? Will they charge me more? Should I stay in the Bayou or Mansions? They were staying at the Port Orleans Riverside. I’m 66 and going with my wife.


The entrance to the Port Orleans Riverside at night

Arriving at The Port Orleans is pretty cool – Photo by Mike Billick


Okay, so that’s really four questions. Let me answer them real quickly. Yes, maybe, no unless, and I don’t know. Okay, yeah, that wasn’t very helpful was it? Let’s take them one at a time.


Can you request a specific room or building? Yes, you can request just about anything room-wise. I was talking to Len Testa from Touring Plans yesterday. They have a section on their website where you can go in and you can look at each of the rooms, every room at Walt Disney World. Every hotel, every room.


They actually have pictures taken from the rooms, so you can see the view. They’re categorized so you can choose your, whatever type room like the king bedroom, the garden view, the water view, the pool view. You can choose your view, your rooms. It’s a pull down menu so you can choose your room and you can see the view from that room.


Also, if you’re a member, you can click on a button and you can make a request to get that room, so yes, you can make those requests. Len says, their feedback says they get about 70% approval rates when their system is used to make room requests.


It may not be that high, we have some … Stephanie, the girl that’s helping me with this, she said she’s been one out of three, she got exactly what she requested. The second one she got close to what she requested. The third one wasn’t even close.


You never know if you’re going to actually get it, but it’s a request, it is not … You’re not reserving a specific room. You can make room requests, yes. Will you get them? Maybe, maybe not.


Dad’s TouringPlans page


Okay, that kind of answers, will they honor the request? Maybe, they try to honor them as much as they can. They can’t always. I know we’ve requested rooms before and we didn’t even get in the same area code. When you request a room at the Polynesian, we requested one building and we got a different building, but it was kind of close. Yes, you might get it. Yes, they’ll try to get it to you, but it doesn’t always work out that way.


Let’s make sure we got all of these questions. I think there was one more … Will they charge you more? No. No, unless you change your reservation.


Let’s say you’ve reserved a king room with a garden view, but the room you want to pick is a king view with a pool view. They can only charge you more if you change your view and you can only change your view if you change your reservation. Just because you request a room that’s a different view or different than what you reserved, they won’t honor that request. If they do, they’re not going to charge you more.


You have to actually make a request to change your reservation, to change, to be charged more. Just making a request for a different room, no difference in money.


Should you go with a Bayou or the Mansions? Now, being that you’re 66, I probably recommend that you stay close to the bus stop. Bayou, Mansions, let’s take it a little deeper. I’d probably say that you want to request the Acadian house. That’s one of the buildings there at the Port Orleans Riverside.


Dad’s Port Orleans Riverside page


It’s probably the closest building that’s not a preferred view. You might want to upgrade to a preferred view to get closer to that main building, but that’s the one that’s got the bus stop the closest, and is the closest to the main building without the preferred view. That’s what I would say that you would request. Request to be in Acadian house.


If you have mobility issues, say that right up front and request to be on a low floor or on the ground floor. You could walk right into your room if you’re on the ground floor. That’s kind of what I would do.


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, I really recommend you go over to Touring Plans and look … Stephanie’s already put the link down in the comments and you’ll be able to see the rooms that you can request from your king room, if you’ve got the garden view room. You can look at the rooms that are available and you can kind of see where they are and make your requests from there. I hope that helps.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana




Comments for

Nov 07, 2017 Room Help
by: Anonymous Do I want a preferred room and use the lobby bus stop, or do I want to stay in a cheaper room closer to another depot that doesn’t pick up and drop off last?? I am worried about having to wait for multiple buses if one is already full once it gets to the last stop.

Dad Answers

It’s pretty unusual to find full buses at the Port Orleans unless you are using an ECV or wheelchair.

Jan 06, 2017 port orleans
by: Anonymous building 85 magnolia manor is probaly a better building choice than the arcadian. they both share a private pool, but 85 is a little closer to the bridge and back bus stop

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