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Which room at the Nemo section of the Art of Animation

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“My wife and I, three adults, son’s family, two adults, children six, five, and an infant have reservations for the Art of Animation in Nemo Suites in March of 2018. I reserved two suites for our family.

I have difficulty walking distances and will use a cane and/or a cart at the parks. What would you recommend for the best convenient rooms at the Nemo Resort, at Nemo. I’d like suites near each other and an accessible tub. Do you recommend checking in early to get a better chance of suite selections? We made our reservations through Matt Davis at Destinations to Travel; he was great to work with.”

Squirt plays at the Nemo section of the Art of Animation Resort

Squirt will greet you at the Art of Animation – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Well first off, thanks for using Destinations to Travel. Aren’t they great? They just do such a great job.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

The Art of Animation is a really cool place to stay. Now, one of the things about the Nemo section is number one, it is the closest to the main building at the Art of Animation. Right off the bat, you’re about as close as you’re going to get to the main building at the Art of Animation.

Dad’s Art of Animation page

That being said, if you can get a room that’s closer to the front of the building, then you’re not going to have to walk as far. Now, those are going to be preferred rooms, so you’re going to have to pay a little bit to get the ones on the inside that are closer to the main building. The ones on the outside or backside, are little further away, they’re not preferred.

As to being close together, if your reservations are tied together, Disney tries to keep families in the same general area. As long as your reservations are tied together, that will happen pretty much automatically.

There are some accessible rooms at the Art of Animation. I assume you mean a roll-in shower. There aren’t a lot of those in the Nemo section, there are some. Just add a note to your reservation, send Matt a message and tell him, you need one room with an accessible shower..

As to checking in early, early check-in. Will that help? Not really. Disney assigns rooms a couple of days before you arrive. They’re working two to three days before trying to get guests in the right room so checking in early, checking in late, those rooms are pretty much assigned before you get there, and now you can check-in online. You really don’t have to go to the front desk.

It can’t hurt to get there early and to check in early, but it really won’t make that big a difference.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I hope you have a great trip. Tell Matt to take care of all of this. You should be able to get an accessible room fairly close to the main building and be able to keep everyone close together.


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