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Which stroller works best at Walt Disney World?

by Allison


Dear Dad, we are SO excited about our upcoming WDW trip in mid-November. Your site has been quite helpful with our planning.

We are taking a double stroller for our 1 and 4 year old. Only question is, which stroller works better at Walt Disney World, a tandem or side-by-side?

I’m thinking the side-by-side would be better getting on and off buses, but the (38 lb!!) tandem is narrower (and easier to push), therefore, better in crowds. Also, the tandem has more cup holders and a larger basket. We want to choose whichever stroller will make our trip more enjoyable. We do not want to rent, either: we need a stroller at the airport. It’s a safety/sanity issue!

Dad’s I know what your thinking Answer


Thanks for your confidence in Dad to have the answer to a very interesting question.

Now for the rest of you nay sayers that are saying, “Hey, Dad only had one kid in a stroller when he went to Disney World, how could he possibly know what kind of stroller would be best?” Or, “Hey, isn’t Dad something like a hundred years old, what would he know about strollers?” Or, “Are there any men on the face of the earth that really pay attention to the kids?”

Well, let me tell you … Dad knows.

Allison, you’re instincts are right on. The tandem stroller will be the best for your trip. The more storage area you have the better. You definitely will want the more maneuverable.

When you get to Walt Disney World make sure you have a way to mark your stroller. Strollers get misplaced all the time at Disney World. In fact, I think it’s a game some of the Cast Members play. Where can we hide this one …

I’m waiting for the next generation of strollers with the new crash proof technology on them. Dad pays attention to this stuff.

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