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Which week is typically better Labor Day or Columbus Day?

by Traci
(Manhattan, IL)

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“Good afternoon. Love your page. So here goes.

We are planning a trip to Disney World for Fall 2018 and have two weeks to choose from, and both include holiday. Our choices are September 1st through 7th, which is Labor Day, and October 7th through 13th, which has Columbus Day in it.

Which is a better week, all things considered, crowd levels, weather, park hours etc. Thanks so much.”

Halloween Mickey Balloons on Main Street USA

Who wan’t s Mickey balloon? – Photo by Judd Helms

Tracy, this is no contest. You would think that Columbus Day, who gets out on Columbus Day? Yeah, it is a federal holiday, but this is one of those federal holidays when I was working for federal government that nobody took off. You would think that you would pick October. No. Labor Day weekend is one of the slowest holiday crowd times of the year. Of all of the holidays, Labor Day and sometimes, depending on when it falls, Veteran’s Day are the two holidays that have pretty low crowds overall.

Labor Day, September, end of August, first part of September, is slow time. It just is, and it always is. Now watch the, one of those times where the, like we just talked about, the summer crowds come Labor Day this year, but it’s typically a slow time. The weekend will be a little busier through Monday, but once Monday’s passed, no crowds.

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

Columbus Day, October, has gotten to be a very busy month. Activities, let’s talk about activities. The Food and Wine Festival this year starts in August, so the Food and Wine Festival will be going on over Labor Day. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party will already have started. They start in August too, so you’ve got that, so both events are happening.

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page

So really is no difference in events. Weather, yeah, there’s a little difference in weather, a little. Usually, it’s a little hotter in September. October’s a little cooler, although I’ve seen years when October, when it was extremely hot, so weather is just a little bit different, but not drastically different. We’re not talking about 10 degrees a day. We’re talking about two or three degrees a day on average.

Park hours, yes, October will have longer park hours, but that’s because there’s more crowds there. You can get less done in longer park hours. That’s why the hours are longer, because there are more crowds there.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

So that’s bottom line is September, Labor Day, lower crowds, hotter, shorter park hours. October, Columbus Day, bigger crowds, cooler, longer park hours. If you can stand the heat, I’d suggest Labor Day.


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