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Who is going to Walt Disney World with you?

by Dad
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Who is going with you to Walt Disney World? That’s a really important question. I know a lot of you are going, “Duh, we’re taking the family.” Well, that’s not always who you want to take. Sometimes you need to have more than just the family.

Daddy holding a girl on his shoulders at a parade

Who do you want to have on your shoulders at Walt Disney World? – Photo by Judd Helms

One of the first things you have to determine when you are planning a WDW vacation is who is going with you. In my humble (or not) opinion it’s the second thing you need to determine, at least that’s what I wrote in my book…

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

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If you open Dad’s book and go to the chapter called “Me and You and A…” you see what I’m talking about. Let me read you a couple of sections. I’ll start with this. This is the bottom line. (Every chapter has a bottom line.) This is the bottom line from the chapter about who’s going to Walt Disney World. “The bottom line is, Who do you want to experience Walt Disney World with? Who do you want to share a lifetime memories with and about? That’s where you start.

Typically, it will be an immediate family, but think about branching out from there. This isn’t hard. In fact, it’s pretty Simple. The results can be Magic. Think about who you want to go to Walt Disney World with to have the most fun.”

Best. Trip. Ever.

That’s what important. Who do you want to go to Walt Disney World with? I know for our trips, the trip we talk about most is a trip where we went with the whole family, 15 of us went. It was the “Best. Trip. Ever.”

Let me just read again… “One of our best trips ever was when we took the whole family. Our family, Mrs. Mom’s mom and dad, Mrs. Mom’s sisters and their kids, about 15 of us in all. It was an incredible experience. We still talk about it whenever we get together.

All about the memories

We made lots of precious memories. Memories like the time when we all ate dinner at ‘Ohana. We’d been there for a while and a big group sat down at the table next to us. They saw us having a great time and asked the waiter for the same thing we were drinking. They couldn’t believe it when the waiter said, “Well, just coke and ice tea.”

Yeah, we were having fun that night. On the next night, the baby of the bunch, he was four at the time, ran down the hall of the Polynesian Resort buck naked, because it was his night to sleep with grandma and grandpa. He was in a big hurry.

Those kind of memories are etched on our minds. We talk about them all the time. Every time we get together, even when we’re not together, we talk about those memories. That’s important. Who do you want to make those memories with when you go to Walt Disney World?

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s the bottom line. Who do you want to make memories with? Have you ever gone with somebody outside of just your close family? If you have and you don’t mind sharing, share what it was like to go with other people. Who you’ve been with, and what it was like. Put down in the comments, and I’d love to read it and think about it, and see what you’ve experienced.


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