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Why are you going to Walt Disney World?

by Dad
(The Office)

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Dad’s Tip of the Week. This week we’re going to talk about why are you going to Walt Disney World? Last week, we talked about the second most important question that you could ask when you’re going to Disney World. Who is going to Walt Disney World with you?

Trent meeting Mickey for the first time is a good reason why to go to Walt Disney World

Meeting Mickey for the first time is a great reason why – Photo by Brett Svenson

This week we’re going to talk about the NUMBER ONE most important question. When it comes to dealing with a Walt Disney World vacation, and that’s Why are you going to Walt Disney World. Now I know a lot of you are going, huh? What are you talking about Dad?

Well, let me explain. Why are you going to Walt Disney World is important. This is right out of the book. This is one of the … This is the first chapter in the planning section, in the Simple section of the book.

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“I think that knowing why you’re going to Walt Disney World is important. In fact, I think it’s crucial. The great philosopher, Yogi Bear, once said, “You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”

Pigment is kind of skeptical of Dad

“Exactly, Yogi, that’s what we’re talking about here. Knowing why we are going.” Pigment says, “But Dad, you said where, not why. Why yes, Pigment. Yes, he did.

But like Yogi, Dad’s going to butcher the English language and his quote a bit. Try this, you have to know why you are going or you won’t know if you had any fun. That’s a Dad original, by the way.

Pigment says, Yogi, you’re not Dad. That hurts, Pigment. It really hurts. Why is the most important question you can answer, especially as you start to develop your plan. No, it’s not obvious”.

Let me repeat this. This is the most important question. This is where the magic comes into the process of making your plan. Knowing why you are going will give your trip a purpose. It gives it depth. It’s no longer an ordinary vacation.

It becomes special-er. Yeah, that’s a great Yogi-like word. I do go on and talk about this a lot, because I think it’s important. For us, Mrs. Mom and I, we’re always doing this. We didn’t even think about it really as we were … As we’re going along.

This kind of came up in my mind about a year ago, but the why you do a trip. A few years ago, we went on our new and different trip. Where we planned around doing things that were new and different. Things we hadn’t done before.

This trip we’re kind of struggling with. We don’t really have a why. I said, my idea is please let the food be good, because we’ve taken a couple of vacation, where the food wasn’t good. A couple of trips where the food wasn’t very good.

We’re looking forward to the Food and Wine Festival, because we’re looking forward to some good food. Why are you going to Disney World? Is it for characters? Is it just I got to take the kids for the first time (like Trent) or maybe you just want to experience some new rides.

How about going to see Pandora. When you know Why you are going, it will help clear up what you’re going to do day to day.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is WHY are you going to Disney World? It is the first thing you need to know when you start planning your trip.

Oh, and name your trip. That makes it even more fun. That’s Dad’s Tip of the Week.


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Nov 06, 2017 Fun, I hope 😉
by: Anonymous

Technically “First trip” (went with my ex and older children for a couple hours when they were little) or “last chance”(that I can get most my family to go-ones already moved out and not going = (, 2 are in college and will be moving out soon, and another in college next year)…out of all people I was waiting for dad to say who needs a reason lol love your site btw, been following it for many years and now I am finally able to use it! ~8:-

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