Why Can't I Use Two Tickets?

Why Can't I Use Two Tickets?


"Why can't I use two tickets in one day to enter two parks?"

The Rules

I don't know exactly Disney's reasoning, but that's the rules. I imagine it has to do with their computer system and how it works to keep track of everything.

But I'm not sure why you would want to. It would be cheaper to addd the Park Hopper option than it would be to buy a second ticket and the Park Hopper option would work for your whole trip.

It's currently $80 to add the Park Hopper option and at least $109 for a one day ticket. That's $80 for the whole length of your stay.

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Dad's Bottom Line

It's against Disney's rules to use multiple tickets to enter the parks on the same days. Plus, you'll save money by using a the Park Hopper option.



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