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Why Dad Loves Disney Hotels and You Should Too

by Dad
(The Office)

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If you haven’t figured it out already Dad LOVES Disney Hotels. Oh, and you should too. Want to know why? Sure you do…

Disney Hotels are just cool

The incredible colors Disney uses at the hotels… Stunning – Photo by Mike Billick

The Magic

Every Disney Hotel is special and just a little Magic. No, a lot Magic. Inside every hotel room there are little touches that just scream Disney. Touches like hidden Mickeys in the wallpaper. Or like this room from the Art of Animation…

The Magic of Disney inside an Art of Animation room is why Dad loves Disney Hotels

Isn’t that just special – Photo by Brett Svenson

Disney Magic is the number one reason Dad loves Disney Hotels. There is just something special about staying at inside the Magic.

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Little Touches

There are lots of little touches that make Disney Hotels special. Like seating areas in the lobbies where the kids can wait and have TV’s or games to keep them occupied. How thoughtful!

TV's at the Check in desk is a big reason Dad LOVES Disney Hotels

TV’s for the kids at the check in desk, that’s cool! – Photo by Cliff Wang

The Pools

Disney Hotels have some of the best pools anywhere. Where else can you swim in a Hippy Dippy Pool, or slide down a “volcano”?

The Pools at Walt Disney World are just incredible

Disney Hotels have the BEST pools anywhere – Photo by Mike Billick

The Fun

The Disney Hotels are packed with Fun. The Value Resorts are all about Fun, but you can find Fun in all the hotels. There’s games for the kids in the afternoons. Movies Under the Stars at night and lots, lots more. You can even play Twister with the kids…

Playing Twister with the kids at the Pop Century

Where else can you play Twister with the kids? – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Like everything else at Disney the hotels are very clean. Look around. Notice how, for the most part, everything is just about perfect. It’s amazing how well these hotels hold up when you think of how many people are in them day after day.

Even the Boardwalk is always clean. That's why Dad loves Disney Hotels.

Look at how clean the Boardwalk is. Beautiful! – Photo by Cliff Wang

The Perks

Disney Hotel guests get lots of perks. Free and really cool transportation, Extra Magic Hours, the Disney Dining Plan, early access to FastPass+ and those really cool MagicBands.

The Cool transportation options is why Dad loves Disney Hotels

I love riding to the parks in boats – Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Extras

There are lots of Extras around the hotels to entertain you. Like you aren’t busy enough at Walt Disney World. But the extras make things special. The themed gift shops, the sports offerings, the bicycles, the marinas and more. You’ll never have to look far for something to do at the Disney Hotels.

The bikes at the Boardwalk are some of the extras that Dad loves

Riding a bike on the Boardwalk would be cool. Check out the kids bikes. – Photo by Wayne Wood

The Christmas Decorations

Disney goes all out for Christmas. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to visit WDW in Dad’s humble opinion. The hotels get all dressed up. The Grand Floridian is just incredible with the Gingerbread House and the chocolate carousel looks almost like you could take a bite. That’s a lot of chocolate.

The Christmas Decorations at the Disney Hotels are amazing

Christmas is just special – Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Magic

Yes, I know, I started with The Magic, but it’s what separates Disney Hotels from all other hotels. From the time you hit the guard shack and hear “Welcome Home” until the time you wipe the tears from your eyes when it’s time to leave, Disney Magic will be a part of your whole trip.

The beauty, the majesty, the whimsy, the Fun, it all adds up to Disney Magic!

The Grand Floridian is just incredibly majestic and magical

The Grand Floridian is just Magic! – Photo by Cliff Wang

Now doesn’t that make you just want to pack up and go to Disney. I know it does me.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Yep, Dad loves Disney Hotels. When I’m at Walt Disney World that’s where I’m staying. How about you? Do You LOVE Disney Hotels? What’s your favorite?

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