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Why do all the Disney World crowd calendars disagree about August?

by Erik McCall
( wichita ks)

Love the site and think it comes off as easy to understand and read. My wife and our 2 kids are planning on going in August around the 11th for 6 nights and I cannot for the life of me find a crowd chart that agrees with the others. Is it moderate or is it crowded. And how do you determine crowded. I am a Disney veteran. I’ve gone many times and even worked there for a year. This will be my honeymoon and want to try and get the most out of it seeing as it will be super hot there. Aside from your graphic in general what should I expect heavy or moderate hopefully light thanks again.

August Disney World Crowd Calendar

Dad’s No Fuss No Muss Answer


Helping all sorts of families is what I’m here for and glad to be so! So happy to hear you’re enjoying the site, and it’s a treat for me to hear from a self-proclaimed Disney veteran – those skills will go a long way to making the most of your August trip. Dad’s philosophy is no fuss no muss – so I’ll try to explain simply why the calendars on various sites may be at odds with each other and give my best advise to deal with them in the summer heat.

Crowd calendars are tricky and can be at odds from each other because of the different ways they are calculated (historical data, current reservations, personal speculation) and the different measurements for what they consider to be light, moderate, or heavy crowds.

Overall, Dad thinks that mid-August this year will be moderately crowded – overall. What really counts though are the per-park crowds each day. On a moderate day, one park could be packed while another could be relatively empty.

Dad’s August Crowd Calendar

That’s one reason why Dad likes so much – they have really detailed crowd projections – not only per day but also per attraction at different times of the day – and remarkably they’re proven to be pretty accurate! Beyond that, they have an app called Lines that you can use while you’re in the parks to help gauge crowds and manage your day – with a subscription costing only a few dollars it’s a bargain!

Dad’s Page

Traveling to Walt Disney World in August has other problems than just the crowds – by that I mean the heat! If you lived there for a year you know what a hot, sweaty, grumpy, smelly, hot, sticky time it can be. In August even with the best of intentions and lots of pre-planning it’s easy to overextend yourself to the point of exhaustion or heat sickness.

But, it’s at this time of year that the parks tend to be open LATE so Dad suggests getting up and going to the parks first thing in the morning (for Extra Magic Hours if possible) before it gets too hot, then grab lunch and head back to the hotel for a swim and a nap throughout the hottest park of the afternoon to recharge. Go pack to the parks in time for dinner and stay out late – it will still be hot and humid but without the sun beating down on you you’ll find it easier to manage.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Eric, you’re going to have a great honeymoon – all your planning will definitely pay off and you’ll be able to avoid the crowds like a pro. Above all, make sure your plan involves lots of ducking in and out of air conditioning, and drinking plenty of water!

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