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Why is the first weekend in May so busy?

by Micah Patton-LaBrenz
(Hillsboro Texas)

We always prefer to use your crowd calendar as a guide on our previous vacations. We are planning a trip for May 2016. I notice you noted the 2nd and 3rd of May for that year and the precious year to be of higher attendance in the parks. Is that day usually busier or is this a new development? If so why? Thank you for your time and guidance in this matter.

Crowds at WDW

Crowds are a fact of life at WDW – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s Disney World is getting busier Answer


Thank you for your support. It really does mean a lot to me. I’m glad that you find my calendars helpful.

So let’s dive in to your question.

Yes, the increased crowds the first weekend in May is a new development. We’ve noticed a big jump in crowds that weekend over the last few years. That’s why the calendar now shows big crowds that weekend.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

Why is it happening? Uh, I dunno. Really, I don’t know why the first weekend in May but that’s what’s happening. It may be as simple as it’s the first weekend in May and people think it’s time to go to Walt Disney World. It may be that the locals are hitting the parks one last time before the Star Wars Crowds arrive. There could be a ton of reasons.


Destinations to Travel LLC.
It is part of a bigger picture. Walt Disney World is getting busier. I know that’s hard to imagine, but it’s true. We’re starting to see a lot of weeks that used to be pretty slow and all the sudden the crowds are nuts.

Dad’s 2018 Walt Disney World Crowds page

We hear it all the time. Hey Dad, what’s up? Crowds were nuts yesterday. A bunch of days over the last couple of years crowds have been up dramatically on certain days and weeks.

In fact, you will hear it from Cast Members too. There is a lot of grumbling about the crowds during historically slow times of year. There just doesn’t seem to be as many slow days as there used to be.

That means that Disney is doing a really good job with marketing. They are packing the parks. There has be record attendance at Walt Disney World for the last two years. Whatever they are doing is working.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Micah, yes, Dad’s Disney World Crowd Calendars are showing more and more crowds. That’s just the way it is. Disney World is popular. That’s a good thing. The more people that come, the more Disney spends on expansion. It’s a vicious circle.

Comments for

Mar 06, 2015 Crowds
by: Andrea

Could it be because it’s the weekend closest to cinco de mayo?

Mar 06, 2015 Bank Holiday in the UK?
by: Team D

The 1st Monday in May is a public/bank holiday. Given that an increasing number of visitors are from the UK, maybe this is a contributory factor?

Mar 05, 2015 May the Forth Be With You
by: Anonymous

May the 4th is May the 4th be with you day combining Disney and Star Wars. It’s one reason we are going then

Mar 05, 2015 may crowds
by: Jennifer

I think another reason being is that is the weekend of all the national cheerleading competitions….my niece is participating so that’s how I know..:)


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