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Why no Free Dining on November 11?

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“We will be arriving at Disney world on November 11th, and for some reason, our week is a blackout date for free dining, even though the weeks around them are eligible. Coming in on the 11th is one of two arrival dates excluded from the 20% off hotel deals. Is there a reason that our week has been excluded, and should we be concerned about going that week?”

the flag retreat honoring veterans at the Magic Kingdom

Disney honors Veterans every day – Photo by Brett Svenson

Well, let’s think about that. November 11th is … anybody know? It’s Veteran’s Day. That is a holiday, it’s the Veteran’s Day holiday. Now I will say that typically, Veteran’s Day is not a busy holiday, but this year, Veteran’s Day falls on a Saturday, so it’s on a weekend, so it makes a three day weekend.

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

When Veteran’s Day hits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, doesn’t affect crowds, but it’s on Saturday, so people have three day weekends. A lot of people book trips over long weekends, even two weeks before Thanksgiving. So, that’s the reason your week was blacked out from all of the discounts, because it is a three day holiday weekend. It is a holiday weekend. Yes, there will be larger crowds.

Should you worry about it? No, if you’re there the whole week. If you check in the 11th and you’re there for a week, there will be crowds Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Crowds will be fairly big, moderate, maybe even slipping into heavy. But Tuesday, they’ll go down to moderate for sure, or less. Wednesday, light. They’ll just go away, just like that. Boom, just like that light switch away they go. Crowds will go away because of the holiday weekend. The reason you can’t get discounts checking in on the 11th is because of Veteran’s Day.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s the bottom line. Nothing to worry about, it’s the Veteran’s Day holiday, and crowds will be big on the weekend and then go away.


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Jul 29, 2017 Ugh
by: Anonymous

Also why dining reservations are so limited. We check in Friday and leave Monday. I’m hoping it’s not too bad

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