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Wilderness Lodge Construction


by Elizabeth
(ontario, canada )


“When will all of the construction at the Wilderness Lodge be finished?”


The waterfalls at the Wilderness Lodge Resort

I think the waterfalls will survive – Photo by Mike Billick


Good question, Elizabeth. No one, not even Disney, knows that yet. I saw some pictures, recent pictures, today while I was researching this. They are making good progress. They’re building new bungalows, like over at the Polynesian, around the lagoon there at Wilderness Lodge.


Dad’s Wilderness Lodge page


Disney is expanding their Disney Vacation Club property at the Wilderness Lodge. So all around the main buildings, there’s a lot of construction going on. There’s not any real construction going on right now in the main buildings around the main areas. They did some stuff around the pools, but I’m pretty sure that’s all done now.*


If you’re going to stay at the Wilderness Lodge, you won’t see a lot of affect. Yes, if you look outside, you will see some construction going on, but it does not really affect anything in the lodge, you know, Wilderness Lodge, that beautiful big atrium, beautiful, beautiful looking buildings.


But this construction is not really doing anything to the main building or to most of the out buildings. One of them or two of them, I think there is some construction going on, but you can’t get to them anyway because there’s construction going on in them. So it won’t really affect you at the Wilderness Lodge.


We were there a year ago in January when they had started the construction and it really … There was nothing … I mean, yeah, looking out the window wasn’t beautiful like normal, but it really didn’t affect anything.


I will say, my guess is construction will be done sometime late 2018, early 2019. That’s just the best guess.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s Bottom Line, it’s not going to affect you, so don’t worry about it too much. But it’ll be done sometime 2018, 2019, late 2018, early 2019. It’s not quite as invasive as the Polynesian, where they really redid the pools. They’re building new pools in areas for this new construction, so it won’t be nearly as invasive as the Polynesian was.


*After this was filmed, Disney announced closures of Roaring Forks and Trout Pass Pool Bar. That affects the availability of Quick Service meals at the Wilderness Lodge. The construction has become more invasive than was previously announced.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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