Will a shuttle launch effect Disney World crowds?

by Richelle

Hey dad it’s Richelle again.

Long story short … The Space shuttle is expected to launch either the day before, or the day of our trip to Magic Kingdom. I’m scared. Will the shuttle launch effect Disney World crowds. Will the be bad? Or REALLY bad? Thank you!!

Does Space Shuttle Launch Effect Disney World Crowds

Space Shuttle Launch effect Disney World crowds
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Dad’s 10,9,8,7 … Answer


Welcome back. It’s good to hear from you again.

I wouldn’t worry about a shuttle launch effecting Disney World crowds. It’s about 60 miles from Disney World to the launch complex. You don’t usually get people that do both the launch and Disney World.

In fact, because it’s either going to be the last launch or the next to last shuttle launch, Disney World crowds might be a little smaller. When people get wind that there’s a launch they might, and I want to emphasize, might want to see it and go to the launch instead of going to Disney World.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

A shuttle launch doesn’t usually have much effect on Disney World crowds and I don’t think these last 2 will either.

Hope that helps.

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