Will Be Our Guest be open in December?

Will Be Our Guest be open in December?

by Dave

Hello! We are scheduled to visit Walt Disney World on 12/16/12. Do you think the Be Our Guest restaurant will be open by then? My daughter is certainly hoping for that. Thanks!

Video from Disney Imagineering

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I think you will be in luck. The Be Our Guest Restaurant is slated to open in late 2012. Mid-December is about as late in 2012 as it gets. Since they already are doing painting and themeing I think the odds are pretty good. (The video was made available in March.)

For those of you that don't know, Be Our Guest will be in the brand new Beast's Castle as part of the huge Fantasyland Upgrade. It will be modeled after the Beauty and the Beast movie. (I wonder if the dishes will sing?)

The official announcements about the restaurant say don't say a lot. What we know is it will be Quick Service during the day and Table Service during the evenings. There will be 3 serving areas. The serving areas are Library/Gallery, the West Wing and the beautiful 2 story Ballroom.

Speculation is it will serve French inspired food. There is also a lot of speculation that Disney will break Uncle Walt's tradition of not serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

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Here is a concept picture

Concept art from Be Our Guest

Photo by Disney - all rights reserved

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Dave, I can't imagine that it won't be open. I'm kinda hoping to get a sneak peak during the Palooza. I'll be sure to talk about it if we get to see it.

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