Will Chinese New Year effect Disney World crowds?

by Lawrence
(New York)

Planning to go to Disney in January of 2012, from the 20th-28th. The 23rd is Chinese New Year. Does this usually cause a large increase?

Previously we went in October of 2010 and it happened to be during Canadian Thanksgiving and the crowds were pretty large. Any help would be great! We were trying to go at a more “down” time considering we’ve always gone in the June-August range for the years prior to 2010.

Chinese New Year Crowds won’t look like this

Crowds at Disney World
Photo by Jeff_B

Dad’s I never knew Answer


Wow, I may have to adjust my January calendar. I never knew that January 23rd was Chinese New Year, and didn’t really take that in to account when looking at Disney World crowds in January

Dad’s January Disney World crowds page

Now, as to whether Chinese New Year will effect Disney World crowds, the answer is not very much. Disney doesn’t get a lot of guests from China. Canada, yes, the Canadians come in droves, but not the Chinese. In fact Touringplans.com lists January 23, 2012 as one of the lightest days traffic wise of the year.

(Maybe now that China is building a Disney World of their own, they’ll start coming over here in the near future, but not anytime soon.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line


January will be a much better time to visit Disney World, crowd wise, than summer and even than October. That time of year is usually quite relaxed and a wonderful time to visit Disney World.

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May 21, 2011 Quiet Time
by: Jeff

We’ve been many times over the last five years, and have found the best time to be the weekend before US Thanksgiving (Nov 14-18ish). The temps are still in the 80’s and we never used a FastPass, there were no lineups anywhere. The only problem we did have was lack of Disney Transportation Buses – they’re adjusted by crowds and they were few and far between.

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