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Will Disney Give Me Free Dining Anyway?


by Wade
(Knoxville, TN)


We have booked a vacation for 10/14/12-10/19/12 back in March and have some great ADR’s in hopes of the free Dining plan. Unfortunately that week falls in a week that is not included. Have you ever heard of an instance of Disney giving free dining during a non free dining week?




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I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re out of luck on this one. Disney offers the Free Dining promotion at specific times of the year to increase their bookings, and they are very strict on the dates (if they were flexible everyone would feel entitled to Free Dining all year round). The Free Dining promo is being offered for fewer and fewer weeks each year, which is one reason why Dad thinks that Free Dining is Dead.


But, you do have some options in terms of making your vacation more affordable even without free dining. If your travel plans are flexible, you can always try to move your reservation to another date that does offer free dining. You can do that almost anytime even after you make final payment.


Here are the dates for Free Dining for the rest of the year –

  • Sept. 30 – Oct. 4
  • Oct. 19 – Nov. 1
  • Nov. 9 – 15
  • Nov. 23 – 29
  • Dec. 10 – 20


If you still want to keep your trip dates as planned, it’s not too late to cancel some or all of your Advanced Dining Reservations (just do so a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid penalty charges). If you want to go ahead and keep all your ADRs, you can see if it will be worth it to buy the Disney Dining Plan or pay out of pocket by using Dad’s Disney Dining Plan Calculator.


You can always offset the extra cost buy moving to Value Resort if you’re staying in a Moderate or Deluxe Resort, or offset the cost with some of Dad’s great money saving tips.


Dad’s Tips for Affordable Disney Family Vacations


Dad’s Bottom Line


Wade, unfortunately there’s a risk you take when booking a vacation with the hopes that a promotion will come up to help you cut your costs. Don’t let it leave a sour taste in your mouth – you can still enjoy your vacation with a few alterations to your PLAN!


PS: Your trip is during the second week of Mrs. Mom and Dad’s Disney Palooza – if you see us don’t be shy, come on over and say howdy!


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