Will Gay Days last beyond June 5

by Mike


First of all, thanks for your great site. I am a father of 2 who has a Disney trip planned for this coming week. We arrive on 6/5. I noticed that Gay Days ends on the 5th. My question is – Do they leave the parks on the 5th or will Gay Days last beyond June 5? I am considering changing my trip based on your answer. I hope you can help.



Epcot before Gay Days

Epcot in 1983 before Gay Days
Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s no need to change anything Answer

Mike, I don’t know why I just got this, I’m sure it’s probably too late, but here’s my answer anyway.

Dad’s Gay Days Page

Avoid Epcot and no, Gay Days will not last beyond June 5. Yes, there might be a few leftover celebrants, but for the most part the big group will all head for the airport on Monday.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s the short and sweet of it. I hope you have a great trip.

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