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Will I be able to make tea in my room?

by jane pierce

Do the hotels provide kettles and are you able to buy fresh milk, coming from England I don’t drink coffee and I drink tea. Do the rooms have refrigerators? We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter. Thank you.


Fancy a spot of tea? – Photo by Judd Helms.

Dad’s Tip Top Answer

Jane, I understand the need to have a bit of comfort from home on a trip, even at Disney World. I have a fondness for Diet Dr. Pepper that can’t be satisfied without going off property to get one. But the reality is, while WDW is a great place, they don’t have every thing you would find at home. Kettles are one of those things.

Now, don’t despair! You’ll be able to have tea. But none of the rooms at Disney World come with a kettle – even suites with kitchenettes and Disney Vacation Club rooms which have pretty decently stocked kitchens. But there are things you can do to get a spot of tea.

First let’s get something out of the way. In the value resorts at WDW you will find a mini fridge, an ice bucket, and plastic cups – nothing else.

At deluxe and moderate resorts (including the Port Orleans French Quarter) you’ll get everything that a value resort has plus a tiny coffee maker, some coffee pods for the coffee maker, some creamer and sugar, plus disposable hot cups. If you’re desperate you could run water for tea through the coffee maker without a pod to heat it up but that’s not ideal.

What you can do is head to your resort quick service food court and buy a cup of tea (you get a cup and then fill the water yourself, add a tea bag and enjoy). The tea selection is usually limited to 2-3 types so if you are picky pack your own (or stop at the Twinnings shop in EPCOT). There is fresh lemon if you like that in your tea, along with sugar, sweeter, and creamer. If you want fresh milk, buy a little bottle at the grab and go area to keep in your room.

If you plan to drink a lot of tea at the resort, buy a refillable resort mug , which means you can have as much tea as you like for your whole stay, and you’ll even get a souvenir cup out of the deal, not bad.

The Port Orleans is also home to Boatwrights – a table service restaurant where you can enjoy a cup of tea in a proper cup if that’s what you are looking for.

In the parks and at Disney Springs you will find Starbucks which carries a larger variety of nice teas. Most Disney restaurants serve basic breakfast tea, but some of the nicer ones offer a variety to choose from. There is also a proper high tea service with scones, finger sandwiches and pastries at the Grand Floridian, which requires an Advanced Dining Reservation.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dianne, I know that being so far away you will be missing the comforts of home but don’t worry, you won’t have trouble finding tea when you want it!

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