Will I go insane with annoyance going to Disney World the week before Christmas?

Will I go insane with annoyance going to Disney World the week before Christmas?

by Bruno

We're Disney World Veterans, having lived in Florida. However, we always prefer to go when crowds are light and the pace more relaxed.

However, this year we thought we would like to go to Disney World the week before Christmas, at least Sunday through Thursday. I know it'll be more crowded. But we really just want to soak it in and only use fastpass, not interested in standing in lines for rides we've been on several times before. Will things like lines for food, drinks, elbowing in crowds, long waits for buses, monorail, etc, be a problem on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Christmas?

I see you have it as "shoulder to shoulder" on your chart, yet that is two levels below the very worst. Will longer hours into the night and more capacity in other areas help mitigate the crowds or not? Or should I just wait a couple of weeks to go?

Dad's Shoulder to Shoulder Answer


Disney World the week before Christmas will be busy. If you are used to no crowds, it will be annoyingly busy but not unbearably busy. (Until Christmas Day when it will get unbearably busy.)

Christmas tree at Epcot

The extra hours will help, especially if you can take advantage of the early and late hours.

If you wait a couple of weeks, you will avoid the crowds, but you'll miss the Christmas decorations and activities.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Bruno, if you enjoy the Christmas decorations and the special activities that go along with Christmas, then you should go. If you've seen the decorations and aren't real excited about going during Christmas, then wait and go after the crowds leave.

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