Will I lose my FastPass reservations if I cancel my hotel?

Will I lose my FastPass reservations if I cancel my hotel?


"Hi,Dad! We are coming to Disney World (first timers) Nov 10-18th, and are staying at a Disney Resort. If we book our FastPass 60 days before we arrive, then decide to stay off the resort instead (perhaps staying with friends), do we then forfeit our FastPass reservations?


Yes, No, Maybe

You might lose a FastPass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and that would be a shame

You don't want to lose a FastPass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Photo by Wayne Wood

Lisa, I was pretty sure I knew the answer to this, but I wanted to go to the expert. I called on my friends at Destinations to Travel to get the correct answer for this. Nancy Casteel, one of the agents over at Destinations to Travel sent me an answer.

Here is what she says, "That's kind of a tricky question. Your FastPasses are connected to tickets, so if you book your passes at 60 days and then cancel your reservation, then YES you would forfeit those FastPass picks.

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If you however, have a Room Only reservation and you have added tickets separately, you could keep those FastPasses if you don't cancel your Room Only reservation prior to 30 days before travel. The reason being that only onsite guests can book Fastpasses at 60 days before travel. You can cancel a Room Only up to 5 days before the reservation date and receive a full refund."

Lisa, it's all about that magical 30 day mark and when you cancel your reservation. Because final payment for a package reservation has to be made at 30 days, you probably will want to cancel that before you make final payment and will lose the FastPasses.

For a room only reservation the final payment is made when you check in and you can cancel without penalty inside that 30 day mark so you don't lose the FastPasses.

By the way Lisa, that we've got some really, really, really good prices on rooms for that week that you're going, that November 10th through 18th. We're throwing a party that week. We've got some rooms blocked off.

We have rooms at the Pop Century for $100 a night. A great price. If you want to go to Disney World early November, Dad will probably have a chance or two to meet Dad that week. If you want to go that week, around November 12th, 13th, if you want to go that week, get in touch with Destinations to Travel.

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Go over to our Destinations to Travel page, send them a note. Tell them, "Hey. Dad told me about the special deal." Let them see if they can get you in on our room-only deal, on our room deal, our special deal that we've got going in November.

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Dad's Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you have a package reservation with tickets, you'll probably lose your Fastpasses if you cancel your reservation. If you have a room-only reservation you might not.



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