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Will someone else be able to use this Disney World ticket?


by Lisa C.
(Chicago :))


Hi Carl, my 75 yr old mom has a 7 day pass with unused days that do not expire. She feels she can no longer make the trip to Walt Disney World because of all the walking & getting on/off the rides will be a bit of a challenge for her. We are wondering if someone else will be able to use her Disney World ticket?


I keep telling her we can rent a wheelchair but she feels she would just slow us down or she is unsure how they would accommodate her getting on/off the rides. Thanks for any advice & keep up the great work. 🙂


Oscar Super Service at Disney Hollywood Studios. Wheelchair, ECV and stroller rental.

Rent an Electric Conveyance Vehicle here – Photo by Joe Penniston

Dad’s official Answer




The official answer is no. No one can use a Disney World ticket that has been activated by someone else. (If she never used it you are OK. Someone else could use it.)


That’s the official, heartless, big corporation answer. But since Disney is run by a big hearted mouse, sometimes official isn’t so official. I would call Guest Services, specifically the Disney Ticket department. Here’s the number (407) 939-1289. Tell them of your problem and see if they can help.




My advice would be to assure Mom that Disney does indeed take great care of people that have limited mobility. In fact (for you) when you use a wheelchair at Walt Disney World, you get a free FASTPASS to every ride in the park. It’s really cool.


Disney goes overboard to make sure guests with any kind of handicap get preferential treatment. Our friends’ son went just after breaking a leg and his parents rave about how they went to the front of every line. It’s disgusting.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Check with Disney, if they can’t do something then badger, cajole, bribe, whatever it takes and get Mom to Disney World. (It’s just too bad if you have to go to the front of the line with her.)


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Jul 04, 2011 Thank You
by: Lisa C. Thank you for the great advice. I keep telling my mom she will be going back there. It is just a matter of her accepting the fact that this time she does need a little more assistance. Have a safe & happy 4th of July 🙂

Jul 02, 2011 Never too old for Disney.
by: Anonymous My grandfather is 77 and he still goes on Rockin’ Rollercoaster every time he goes to Disney. Granted, he certainly doesn’t need a wheelchair but even so, I’ve heard of a lot of people in the wheelchairs or scooters who get around just fine. Like Dad said, Disney really does go well out of their way to make sure everyone gets the most magical experience out of their trip to the World. 🙂

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