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Will the April 2018 crowds really be light to moderate?

by Katie
(Dunstable, MA)

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“You describe the April crowds as miserable. The 2017 Coded Crowd Calendar supports this. Then, the 2018 calendar looks good with lots of green and blue. We were hoping to visit from the 14th through the 21st. Can we be hopeful that crowds will be that light?”

Dad’s April 2018 Crowd Calendar

Dad's April 2018 Disney World Crowds calendar

Katie, there is a big difference between 2017 and 2018, and yes the crowds are going to be different.

Dad’s April 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar

Dad's April 2017 Disney World Crowds calendar

We talked about this last week. The reason for that is Easter. For the past few years, especially the last two years, Easter has been in mid-April. The typical crowd patterns are the Spring Break crowds are heavy through Easter week.

Dad’s April Disney World Crowds page

For the last two years with Easter being in the middle of April, the crowds have been big in the middle of April. Now, this year, 2018, next year Easter is April 1st. Previous crowd patterns show me that after Easter week, the crowds will go down. The 14th through the 21st, I expect that you will see light to moderate crowds. Could be wrong about that, but that’s the way the patterns have worked in the past, and that’s the way I expect them to work next year.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s all about when Easter happens. I got caught in this a few years ago when Easter went from late March early April to mid-April, and I jumped up and said, “Really? Easter is going to be a slow week?” No, Easter’s not going to be a slow week, but with Easter being the first week of April, the bottom line is the middle of April in 2018 will be slower, light to moderate crowds.


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Jan 17, 2018 24 and 25 of April heavy?
by: Anonymous

Why are the 24th and 25th of April heavy crowd days?

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