Will the Christmas decorations be up on Black Friday

by Juice

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Video Transcript

Oh, Hi. Yeah, hang on, I’ll just … listen to a little Juice Newton. Great song. “Playing With the Queen of Hearts”, love it. Okay. Another video Ask Dad for you.

This one comes from Juice in Connecticut. Maybe that’s why I’m listening to Juice Newton. Here we go.

“I’m thinking of surprising my wife with a quick couple-night trip to Disney. We are thinking of going on Black Friday and returning on Sunday. Question for you, though, is will it be decked out for Christmas? We always go during the summer, so I’ve never been during the holiday season. I want to make sure it is magical and special.

Thanks, Juice.”

Juice, the quick answer is yeah, absolutely. Christmas at Disney World is really the most special, the most magical time of the year to visit. It’s just incredible. The Christmas season for Disney starts in early November. In fact, the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year is on November the 7th. It’s always usually that first week of November.

Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page

The decorations will actually start going up around the 2nd or 3rd of November. Halloween decorations come down one night, and then Christmas decorations start going up the next night. Over the next couple of weeks, all around Disney World, the decorations go up.

By Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, everything will be decorated. In fact, on that day, the Candlelight Procession starts. That’s the first day, Black Friday is the first day of the Candelight Procession. It’s always the day after Thanksgiving. Everything, at that time, will be decorated, so you’ll get to see all the decorations. It really well be a special time.

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You know me, I love Christmas at Disney World. It really is my favorite time of the year to visit. Check out our Christmas at Disney World page to see about what you’ll be able to see. The URL’s coming up down here, but I’ll tell you, it’s dadsguidetowdw.com/christmas-at-disney-world.html. Christmas at Disney World, the URL’s coming up here, you can click on it. There’ll be a little box coming up over on this side that you can click on and see it.

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But the Christmas time at Disney World is really, really incredible. It’ll be really special. Thanks for the question, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, Dad’s bottom line, is yes. Christmas at Disney World starts early in November. Everything will be decorated the day after Thanksgiving. I forgot one thing, it will be kind of busy during that time, so you’ll want to make sure and just relax, take it easy, take it slow, and enjoy all the decorations. Thanks! Bye.


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