Will the new rides at Universal effect the crowds at Disney World

Will the new rides at Universal effect the crowds at Disney World

Do you think that the Hairy Pooter (mispelled on purpose) area of Universal will effect the crowds at Walt Disney World at Spring Break?

Specifically ... do you think that people will choose Universal to see the new attraction? Did the opening of the Simpsons (less popular than Harry Potter) effect Walt Disney World crowds?

I am going to Disney World March 12-March 17 (March 18-20 @ Nick Hotel). What should I expect? I am staying "off-campus" (lol) and I usually stay @ The Swan, so I am not getting Extra Magic Hours or Disney Dinning Plan.

I know "Father knows best" so I am asking you. I have been going to Walt Disney World for over 30 years (I'm pre-EPCOT) but now that my 2 DDs are old enough & tall enough (have always been brave enough) for the "thrill rides" I have to change my WHOLE STRATEGY! ACK! I am in a new strategic situation.. help me Daddy ;0)

Deanne W.
Homestead, Florida

Dad's yes, Dad knows best Answer


Nope, the new rides (Hairy Pooter) at Universal won't have any effect on the crowds at Disney World. When Harry Potter opened, crowds a Disney World changed very little. (There was just a little bump initially, but it's long gone.)

By March 2012, Harry Potterville will be old hat. Fantasyland will be opening, Disney World will be crowded. Really crowded.

Not having Extra Magic Hours won't help, but it won't hurt that much. You'll just have to design your trip to miss the busiest (Extra Magic Hour) park.

Touringplans.com can help. You will see which parks are going to be the busiest every day. They also have some really good touring plans that can help you avoid crowds.

Don't worry about not having the Disney Dining Plan. In my humble opinion (or in my case not so humble opinion) the Dining plan doesn't save you any money and might actually cost you money.

Dad's Bottom Line

Spring Break 2012 will be a zoo at Disney World. You will need a plan to survive even as a Disney veteran. New rides at Universal won't have much of an effect on the crowds at Disney World. Never have, never will. Even Hairy Pooter didn't do much. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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