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Will the Polynesian Resort sleep four?


by Mo


Will a room at the Polynesian sleep 4 adults comfortably (Mom, Dad, a 15 and a 20 year old?) Thanks.



The Polynesian Resort

The Best Resort anywhere Photo by Christian Lambert

Dad’s Say Aloha Answer




with a party of four (even four adults) at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, you can say “Aloha” to comfort! The Polynesian is not only the BEST hotel on Walt Disney World property – Dad thinks it’s the best in the world! It has all the amenities you’d expect in a Deluxe Resort, and on top of that, it’s got the biggest rooms available at any hotel on property.


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So you know that Disney’s Polynesian Resort is Dad’s top pick, but let’s talk about why. What’s not to like? This resort transports you into a tropical paradise and makes you feel like you’re getting two vacations in one! It has the best location and the most convenient transportation to just about anywhere at Walt Disney World, Dad’s favorite restaurant, and the monorail! Can it get any better?



The Blue Monorail at Walt Disney World pulling in to the Polynesian Resort

The Monorail pulling in to the Polynesian Photo by Express Monorail


It sure can! Uncle Walt himself helped design this hotel, and in addition to its beautiful beaches and attention to every tiki detail, it’s got the largest rooms of all the Walt Disney World Deluxe resorts – 415-476 square feet each! The rooms are housed in 11 unique longhouses, and most went under renovation in 2006 – they are the very definition of comfort.


So, can Disney’s Polynesian Resort comfortably fit a family of four? It’s always worked for our family, even when the kids were teenagers. Mrs. Mom and I would share one queen sized bed, the Princess had her own queen bed, and the Man-Child (who was in fact the size of a full grown man!) made his nest in the day bed. We loved it!


In addition to the spacious rooms, the resort itself offers plenty of places to stretch out – from the Great Ceremonial House to the pools, the beach, and the marina, there’s something to keep everyone busy!


If you need any help with your booking, get in touch with Dad’s friends at Destinations to Travel. They’ll help you get the best price on this little slice of Polynesian paradise.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Mo, I don’t think your family will have the slightest bit of trouble being comfortable at Disney’s Polynesian Resort – enjoy your trip!


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