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Will the Summer Discounts affect the timing of the Fall Discounts


by Lesley


Since a new summer discount came out, do you think that will delay discounts for the fall? Also, do you think there will be any discounts offered for Disney Visa card members for September?


Thank you.




Eating at the Food and Wine Festival is one of the highlights of the Fall Discounts

Fall Discounts mean Food and Wine Festival time! – Photo by Judd Helms


Hi, Leslie. The discounts that came out this week, on Monday (March 27), have no bearing on the fall discounts at all. Disney will, I am now convinced, roll out their fall discounts on schedule the last week of April. It’s just what they’ve done for years. It’s just going to happen. That last week or so of April, the fall discounts will come out.


Will there be some for September? Absolutely. September is one of the slowest months at Walt Disney World and they need discounts to get people to come in September. There will be discounts for September. What will those discounts be? I have no clue. There will be some kind of package discount. Free dining is what they’ve done for years.


***UPDATE on April 20th: Free Dining should be announced on Monday, April 24 for all of September. Stand by for details. Here’s the link to the rumor with the first details of Free Dining 2017.


I said last week that free dining is dead. It might be. I’m not as convinced as I was last week, but there’s a good chance that free dining won’t happen this year. There will be some other option, though, whether it’s something like Stay, Play, and Dine, or something like that. Something like they did with the summer with the one meal, the one quick service meal. There will be something offered instead of free dining if free dining doesn’t happen.


There will be room discounts. There will be a bunch of discounts that come out for the summertime, excuse me, for the fall, for September. October, not so much. November, off and on, and the first two or three weeks in December. There will be some kind of discount for that time period.


As to anything special for Disney Visa Card holders, that’s a good question. Last year, Disney was supposed to let Disney Visa cardholders have a couple days before everybody else got in. At the last minute they let everybody have Free Dining the first day. It was crazy. It overwhelmed Disney. This is the sixth year in a row that Disney has been overwhelmed during free dining. Phones crashing. Website crashing. Three hour hold times. It was crazy.


This is one of the big reasons I suggest you use a good Disney Travel service like our partners at Destinations to Travel. Destinations to Travel will be the ones on the phones, working hard to get you the best discount possible. That’s just the beginning of their service. They also will work with you to get your dining reservations set up. They will help with MyDisneyExperience and Fastpass+. They will help you plan the Perfect Vacation.


Give them a shout…


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page



Dad’s Bottom Line

There will be some kind of discount coming out in late April for the fall. It might be Free Dining, but it might not. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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