Will there be Free Dining at Disney World in May 2012

by lori

Is there going to be Free Dining at Disney World for our May 2012 trip? I’m from Canada.

Canada can get Free Dining

The Canada Pavilion is somewhere to visit with free dining at Disney World in May 2012
Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s yes, no, maybe Answer


The good news is, even if you are from Canada, if Disney offers Free Dining in 2012 you will be eligible. (But only if you book your trip on Dad’s Destinations to Travel page).

Right now, no one, not even the guy who makes the decision about Free Dining at Disney World knows if there will be Free Dining at Disney World in May of 2012. I can tell you that if the economy improves at all the answer will be no.

However, I’ve been wrong before, but let’s look at what’s happening right now. Last week, Disney announced Free Dining for the fall and winter and it was very limited.

For the last couple of years here’s what would happen. Disney would announce a discount for, lets say, October through December. In the past, they would exempt the week of Thanksgiving, the week of the Pop Warner Championships and the week of Christmas. This year, they announced Free Dining for October through March but instead of exempting just a few weeks, they made it available for only 5 out of 11 weeks in 2011 and 5 out of 13 weeks in 2012.

Through this year, Disney has been slowly reducing discounts. That’s been their announced strategy. (See what Disney said about discounts.) I don’t see any end to this. Discounts will continue to decline in 2012.


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Remember, I declared Free Dining at Disney World dead months ago. I think I was right, but it just keeps hanging on.

Dad’s Declares Free Dining Dead page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Lori, you might actually get Free Dining in May of 2012, but it will only be for 1 day. (Just kidding.) Really, I don’t know, Disney doesn’t know, nobody knows, but I wouldn’t plan on it.

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