Will there be Free Dining in 2019?

Will there be Free Dining in 2019?

by Mel Anderson
(Frontenac, KS. USA)


"We are looking at Sept 2019. Any thoughts about Free Dining at that time? I realize it's a year away.


Odd Numbered Year means...

Sprinkles cupcakes are a great snack for Free Dining

Mmmm, Free Dining or not, I need me a Sprinkles cupcake - Photo by Cliff Wang


Let's see 2019 is an odd numbered year so is it time for Dad to pronounce Free Dining is Dead again?

Dad's What is Free Dining page

Every odd numbered year for a long time I've declared Free Dining is Dead.
  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • OK, so those are not the only years I've said it was dead, but there is a definite pattern there.

    Is Free Dining Coming Back in 2019?

    Will Free Dining come back in 2019? My track record isn't very good with this question but I have to be correct sometime. Right?

    I think I'm going to break with tradition and say that Free Dining will not be "dead" in 2019, but it's going to be on some MAJOR life support.

    I do think that Free Dining will be available in late August and September, but that's about it. October is always blocked out and by November Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge should be open. I don't see any major discounts after that happens for 2019.

    If it's not Free Dining there will be some discount available in September 2019. I would recommend you get in to touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel right now and get started on your trip. They will monitor your reservation and if Free Dining or any other promotion comes out that will save you money they do all they can to get it applied to your reservation.

    Dad's Destinations to Travel Page

    Oh and the biggest savings you might get is to BOOK RIGHT NOW. There's a big ticket price increase coming on October 16. Book now and lock in your price.

    The Best of WDW - Volume 2


    Dad's Bottom Line

    Mel, I do think there will be a major promotion for September 2019. Will it be Free Dining? Absolutely, Probably, Maybe, Maybe Not, I Doubt It, Ha, Ha, Ha, Not A Chance. Take your pick of any of those answers, there's one for each day of the week. That's how sure of it I am.

    Free Dining or not, I would suggest to get in touch with Destinations to Travel and make your reservations NOW!



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    Oct 09, 2018
    Free Dining is Available Now for 2019
    by: Catherine

    Hi Dad,
    Free Dining is currently available as a Bounceback Offer! ( I just took a quick weekend trip using my Annual Passes and points for flights to take advantage of it for 2 trips in 2019, one in July and one in DecemberI also went to MNSSHP but that's another different, awesome topic.) The Bounceback Offer requires a 4 Day Park Hopper but I will use the value of that to purchase another Annual Pass. It seems that when there is a Bounceback Offer for Free Dining, it later becomes available for Disney Visa Cardholders and then for the general public. So I think that it will be available in some form.

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