Will there be plenty of restrooms?

Will there be plenty of restrooms?

by Marvella
(Corpus Christi Tx)

We will be at the parks for Nov 19-24. It is our first trip and we are very excited!! Can you tell me if there will be plenty of restroom's around the corner or are they hard to find?

Dad's it's just around the corner Answer

Marvella, How are things in beautiful south Texas? We used to live in Portland. I love Corpus Christi this time of year.

What a great question. Will there be plenty of restrooms? The answer is, of course, yes there are plenty of restrooms and they are just around the corner from wherever you are, you just have to pick the right corner.

The park maps have the restrooms plainly marked, but they can be a little challenging to see. Don't let this get out, but Dad's idea for an Iphone app is directions to the nearest restroom at Disney World. (If only I had another 20 hours a day, maybe I'd get it done.)

I'd suggest finding good park maps on line and start familiarizing yourselves with the layouts so you know where to look for restrooms and drinks and stuff. Dad does have some maps on his site, but they aren't detailed enough to show the restrooms. If you google each of the parks for maps, you'll find lots of maps where you can see the restrooms depicted.

The good thing about the restrooms at Walt Disney World is that, for the most part they are plenty large, and they are kept clean. Uncle Walt liked things clean.

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Nov 07, 2010
by: Marvella

Thank you so much for your help!! We will be there with all 5 of ourchildren and cant wait. So glad i came across your page! Also South Texas is beautiful right now...Perfect hair weather...lol

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