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Will we be able to avoid Gay Days?


by Shirley


We are planning on arriving Disney World on June 2nd and staying until June 8th. In your opinion if we avoid the schedule “Gay Day’s” at the certain parks do you think we will be ok not to witness what this event is about? If the events end on Sunday do you think we will be ok for the rest of the week? Do they stay on Disney? We have 2 rooms at Beach Club and I am wondering if I should change the date! Ughhh.



Morning breaks at the Beach Club Resort

Morning at the Beach Club Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s Family-Friendly Plan Answer


Shirley, as a parent I totally understand the concern of ensuring that your Perfect Vacation at Walt Disney World is everything you’ve been hoping and planning for – magical, fun, and family friendly. Don’t worry, this is all still very possible with your trip. You’re one step ahead in avoiding the Gay Days crowds just by knowing that it’s happening. It’s a shame, but thousands of families show up each year without a clue about this event.


Dad’s Guide to Disney Gay Days Page


In 2012, Gay Days is happening May 30 to June 3, which means you’ll only be there for the final two days. Saturday June 2 the day for celebration at the Magic Kingdom, and on Sunday June 3 the crowd will head to EPCOT. Avoid those parks on those days and you’ll be fine. Since you’re staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, which is connected to Disney’s BoardWalk (as is EPCOT), you may want to avoid the that area on the night of June 3 in case the party carries over to the bars and nightclubs there.


As luck would have it, the week AFTER Gay Days is a great time of year to visit Walt Disney World – moderate crowds, temperate weather – Perfect. And don’t worry, while there may be a handful of celebrants who stay on for another day or two, most of the Gay Days crowd will head back to the airport on Monday morning, leaving the Most Magical Place on Earth as family-friendly as ever.


If you are a Star Wars fan, make sure to head over to Disney Hollywood Studios on June 2 or 3 – that’s when the park hosts Star Wars Weekends, which is pretty cool as far as Dad’s concerned.


If you want to make sure you make the most of your time in the parks and avoid the crowds whenever possible, mosey on over to They can help with your PLAN by giving you crowd projections, line wait projections, and even full touring plans to help you see more of the park in less time.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Shirley, I hope I’ve lessened your concern. Trust me, there’s no need to change your trip dates, just make sure you have PLAN for the first two days of your trip that avoids the “special” park of the day, and you’ll be fine. I know you’ll have a great trip that is everything you’ve been dreaming of.


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Comments for

Feb 02, 2019 I feel so sad that this post even exist. . .
by: Anonymous I’m so saddened that people just can’t live and let live. You can choose to live your life and try and force your kids to live their lives under a rock – or you can just accept that people are different. There are tons of religions, races, sexualities and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s incredibly ironic that you even wan’t to go and spend your money at Disney to begin with. Many of the staff members serving your food, singing the songs, making your bed and hugging your kids in costumes are LGBTQ.

If you’re worried about the crows sizes, fine. Thats a valid argument. I’m gay and I avoid gay days because I don’t want the crows. Not because god forbid I might see to guys holding hands. reality check, your kid is being a lot worse in the real world than to people expressing love.

Christ, I’m willing to bet many of you moral warriors in here probably voted for Trump and continue to support him and make excuses for his disgusting racist and sexist comments. . . The hypocrisy in religion is why so many are leaving your church. Not two guys holding hands. Remember that.

Jun 21, 2018 So thankful for this helpful post.
by: Anonymous I am a Mom who does not expose my children to what doesn’t need to be exposed to them. I want my Son to have a Wife and I want my Daughter to have a Husband so they can all have children of their own. I choose not to, if at all possible, have my kids around homosexuality, I don’t even want to be around it. BUT I do not name call, point them out, laugh or any other bullying. Gays need to know that not everyone is ok with it just like some gays don’t lile straight people. AND THAT’S OK. As long as everyone keeps to themselves, is nice and doesn’t bother the other, then joy it’s OK to have different looks on life.

Nobody thinks you are monsters and will eat people. I just don’t want to explain to my Son why 2 men or 2 women are making out and being overly dramatic about letting everyone know they are gay. Which I’ve seen quite often.

Apr 29, 2013 Gay Days
by: Anonymous Rachel, it’s not that we think you’re going to eat babies or that you are monsters. It’s just something that some families don’t want their young children exposed to. Most children are not used to seeing two people of the same sex kissing together. It seems that the ones I’ve seen seem to want to see what kind of reaction they can get from people by overexaggerating their affections. I don’t care for my kids to see heterosexual people making out either.

Apr 29, 2013 Vacation
by: Anonymous My family and I planned a trip in 2011 for this same time and were not even aware of this event. Needless to say we did not see a thing in any of the parks that gave any indication nor did we see anything “off color” maybe we just missed the “scheduled parks.” We are planning a trip for the same time this year, crowds are less and the weather is not too bad. I appreciate the schedule and will see what happens.

Jun 08, 2012 We Were There…
by: Anonymous My parents decided that this year they wanted to treat all 17 of us to an all-paid vacation week to Disney World….well, guess when was the only week that worked for all of us?!?!? You got it…May 29th – June 4th!!

As soon as I heard the date, I remembered that it would be Gay Days. I went to the Gay Days website to see what days they planned to be in which parks. I put together our itinerary using those days/parks as a basis for the schedule. Through a little snafu called torrential rains on Friday, I found myself roaming through EPCOT on Sunday, which was the scheduled Gay Day park for the day!

I am very happy to report that there NOT droves or even hundreds of gay people there! I feel the numbers are highly exaggerated. Yes, I did see a fair share of “couples” and other men and women that I knew were gay, but nothing so out there that it disgusted me. I am a born again Christian and do not advocate nor encourage the lifestyle, so for me to say it wasn’t totally bothersome is quite remarkable.

Would I recommend going to the designated Gay Day park? No, but I wouldn’t change my holiday plans because of it. Knowledge is a plus in this situation, and if you know which parks to avoid, you should be fine.

Mar 24, 2012 Thanks for the peace of mind
by: dISNEY MOM We have been saving and planning for a Disney trip this summer for our family, and the only time we can go is May 30-June 4. I did not realize it was Gay Days until today. I found this site via google as I was concerned about Gay Days and wanted to see if strategically planning our visit “around the special events” would help us avoid the additional crowd, and it seems that it will. I have many friends who are gay and personally do not have a problem with it. However, I would certainly strategically plan ANY trip to Disney if I knew there would be an additional 130,000+ of any particular group that would make the lines longer.

Mar 09, 2012 mom with concerns
by: Anonymous My family and I had never heard of gay days before until a friend told me. We have reservations 05/28-06/04 so we will be there the entire week. I have looked at the schedule and hope to avoid the crowds. I just hope that everyone is mindful of the expense and the dreams of all that have traveled. My 2 children and their dreams are what I want to concentrate on!

Mar 07, 2012 Disney
by: Naomi NO but some people would rather not be exposed or expose their children to this lifestyle. SO thank you for alerting us to this. Disney is expensive and to have a once in a lifetime trip ruined because of this would be heartbreaking.

Feb 28, 2012 No offense should be taken
by: Anonymous I have a cousin that is gay. Its not that I think he will harm anyone. I love him very much. it is that he and his friends “forget” that everyone else does not want to see him carrying on in public. You can’t blame families for wanting a wholesome family trip for their kids. Kids shouldn’t have to see such displays in puplic. This is in the same regard as warning people to avoid Starwars Weekends if they are not a fan because of all the Starwars fanatics. No one’s being mean to anyone only warning about the displays and crowds.

Feb 28, 2012 It’s ok
by: Julie My family and I were at Disney that exact time in 2006. We had a fantastic time. The only trip that was better was our Disney Christmas trip this year! I planned ahead just like I would for any Disney vacation with all our meal reservations and park days planned around crowds. It really isn’t bad so please don’t worry or change your plans. The funniest thing happened to us that I will never forget as long as I live. We have twin girls who were 7 years old back in 2006. I had a little speech prepared just in case the girls had asked about the different types of families we were having fun with in the park. It wasn’t long or opinionated, just matter of fact and easy going, something they could understand with no judgement. After a few days we were walking across that quiet bridge leading from the Beach Club to the back entrance to EPCOT. Walking toward us were two men in matching tshirts holding hands. One of my twins said in a way only a seven year old can say said the following, “Mommy there are so many twins here! It’s so much fun. See those boys? Their mommy dresses them in matching shirts.” From there we spent the next ten minutes talking about matching clothes. Go and enjoy your vacation!

Feb 27, 2012 In defense of the Gay community
by: Rachel It’s not like we get together each year, go to Disney, and eat people’s babies. Stop making us look like we’re these terrible, horrible monsters. We are human beings.

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