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Will we ever be able to ride in the front car of the monorail at WDW again?

by Stephen
(Dracut, MA)

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“Hello Dad (Carl), I recently watched a video on one of the Disney blogs of a group riding in the front car of the monorail in DisneyLAND. I know in Disney World they have stopped this for safety reasons. Just wondering if we’ll ever get the chance to ride in the front car of thee monorail again down at Walt Disney World since I see they can in Disneyland. Thanks!”

Monorail Teal glides by Spaceship Earth about the place where The Man Child said we'd done Disney World

It was a beautiful day on the monorail – Photo by Mike Billick

Well, Steven, unfortunately, I think the quick answer to whether we’ll ever be able to ride in the front car of the monorail a Walt Disney World is no.

Dad’s Walt Disney World Monorail page

I loved riding in the front car of the monorail. We used to try to do it every trip. Our very first experience at Walt Disney World, as a family, was to ride in the cab of the monorail.

The first morning, we got up, we ran over to the monorail. We’re one of the first people there and we’d said “Hey, can we ride in the front?” They let us. We rode in the front.

We were going to EPCOT. As we did that circle around EPCOT and were pulling into the station, The Man-Child, our son, who was four years old at the time, says “Okay, we’ve done Disney World, now we can go home.”

He was thrilled. He was happy. He was as happy as he could be because he’d done Disney World. He had ridden in that monorail. From that day on, riding in the front of the monorail was always a great experience for us.

Unfortunately, after the accident that they had, they don’t do that any longer. Now the difference between the Disneyland monorail and the Walt Disney World monorail is they are different configurations. Disneyland uses a Mark Seven monorail car. Disney World uses the Mark Six.

Until Disney either replaces their safety systems at Walt Disney World or until they replace the actual monorail cars, that we’re not gonna be able to ride in the front. The Mark Seven is not an option at Walt Disney World. They even tested it. It doesn’t have air conditioning. In Florida, you have to have air conditioning, right? Also, it’s just not configured well for large groups.

In Disneyland, Mark Seven works. It’s okay. They don’t have as many people and it’s cooler in Anaheim because they’re right there, close to the water. It just seems to be a little cooler in Anaheim. Except for when I was there. It works okay at Disneyland, but until Disney World replaces the monorails or updates their safety systems, I don’t see riding in the front car happening.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s a sad, sad situation. As Elton John would sing… But, riding in the front car of the monorail at Walt Disney World is not gonna happen. Sorry Steven.


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