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Would you rent a car if you where staying at Saratoga Springs?

by Jim
(Garrett Co. Maryland)

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“We are a group of 9. We are staying at Saratoga Springs during the last week of Jan into Feb. We are a mix of older(Early Sixties) to younger(4-8). A few of us have been to WDW a few times most have not.

We have ADRs at the Hoop Dee Do Revue, ‘Ohana, and in Disney Springs for Dinner. I am concerned for time because we only 1 day per park except for two day at the MK and one floater day at the end of our trip. I have heard that Saratoga Springs is spread out and that the Bus service is spotty at times. One the folks traveling with us lives in Florida and will have her 7 passenger SUV, so we only need a smaller car.”

Dad and his pickup at EPCOT

Dad and his sweet ride last week at EPCOT – Photo by Mrs. Mom

Jim, I am a big fan of having a car at Walt Disney World. I was there last week, we had a car. I usually have a car.

Dad’s Car at Disney World page

Now, I’m not opposed to riding the buses. I’m not opposed to Disney transportation. I just prefer to have a car. That’s who I am. I live in Oklahoma, Texas. I’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas all my life, at least most of my life. Since I started driving, I drive everywhere. I used to commute 105 miles each way. So I’m big on driving myself around. I like having that control.

In fact, while we were at the Port Orleans French quarter this week, we tried the buses a couple of times and we ended up both times going back and getting in the truck. We rented a truck.

And going to EPCOT, it’s just too easy to have your own car. And it will save you time. From the Port Orleans to EPCOT 5 minutes. Port Orleans to Magic Kingdom 10 minutes. Port Orleans to Animal Kingdom 15/20 minutes. Port Orleans to Disney Hollywood Studios 8 to 10 minutes.

Same thing with Saratoga Springs. Like you said. Saratoga Springs is very spread out. It’s just another mile down from the Port Orleans so you just add kind of a minute to that trip. But it’s very, very spread out. Depending on where you are in Saratoga Springs, you could be at the first bus stop, the middle bus stop, or the last bus stop. And it kind of gets reversed when you’re coming back. So I would suggest you go ahead and rent the car, especially since you’re very limited on time. Rent the car and you’ll be happy.

If you’re going to have a car, even to the Magic Kingdom, driving to the Magic Kingdom, getting a park, getting on a tram, going into the park, going across on the monorail or the boat could be faster, especially at the Saratoga Springs than doing it on the buses.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, the buses take you right to the front gate. Yes, you have to park and take that entrance step. But, even at that, if you’re not waiting for a bus you’re saving time. And during the middle of the day especially I think you’ll find that driving is faster.


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