Younger children 2nd favorite Disney World park?

Younger children 2nd favorite Disney World park?

by Jane
(Summerfield, Fl)

What is the 2nd favorite park (after magic kingdom) for kids 7 and under?

Dad's amazing Answer


I'll refrain from the me Tarzan, you Jane jokes (or not), especially since It's Dad's opinion that the ... drum roll please ... Animal Kingdom would be younger children's 2nd favorite Disney World park.

Dad's Animal Kingdom page

Yes, that's right the Animal Kingdom. This is a no brainer. No little kid likes the World Showcase portion of Epcot, even with the Kim Possible game going on there. It's just boring.

And Disney Hollywood Studios is full rides that appeal to a little older crowd. Yes, there are a couple of good shows for the younger ones, but all in all the Studios is for an older crowd.

Dad's Bottom Line

What child doesn't love animals? What child doesn't love the shows in the Animal Kingdom. The bird show, Finding Nemo, The Lion King. The Animal Kingdom is the second best Disney World park for the younger set. Trust me.

Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo the Musical at the Animal Kingdom the second favorite Disney World park for small children
Picture by Express Monorail

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Feb 22, 2011
My kids love Epcot
by: Jen

My kids (5 and 7) LOVE the world showcase in Epcot. They have gone 2 years in a row now. They are all about coloring their mask at each country and getting the charm to hang from it and stamp from there. They really don't like Animal Kingdom as much. I know maybe they aren't the norm but if it weren't for the Kidcot mask activity they might think the world showcase was a little boring. They also love Soarin and Test Track. So we have a nice time there. You are right though Magic Kingdom is their favorite place.

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