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Zika at Walt Disney World

by Dad

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Hey Dad, what do you think about ? Should I worry about it?
***UPDATE: Since the Zika threat has subsided the resources mentioned here may not be available.

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Dad’s that’s a good question Dad Answer

Dad asks Dad a question? That’s a new one. Yes, I wanted to get this question and answer out there. The Zika virus is starting to get a lot of press, and a lot of people are asking questions about it, so I thought I’d jump in and tell you what I thought.

Yes, the Zika virus is scary especially to you ladies, but even for us guys. We are hearing lots of scary things about the Zika virus. There have even been a few cases in South Florida.

So, should we be worried about the Zika virus while we’re at Walt Disney World?

Dad’s lawyer says I have to make this disclaimer, Dad is not a immunologist, or an entomologist or any other kind of ologist and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. There Dad’s lawyer guy. Are you happy now?

I may not know viruses or bugs, but I do know a whole lot about Walt Disney World. I know that they have pretty phenomenal pest control especially when it comes to mosquitoes. I don’t ever remember getting a mosquito bite at Walt Disney World. It’s probably happened, but I don’t remember it. I certainly don’t remember being bothered by swarms of mosquitoes.

I can also tell you that Disney is extremely conscious of things like the Zika virus. They are very careful and I’m sure they are tracking the progress of the virus. If any cases start popping up in Central Florida, they will go all out to make sure it doesn’t hit WDW. Trust me.

As to the current state of Zika in Florida. According to the CDC (on February 15, 2016) there are 16 cases confirmed and all are travel related cases (meaning the person was infected somewhere else). There aren’t any cases of people being locally infected anywhere in Florida.

There is also a Florida State hotline where you can get latest up to date information. The number is 855-622-6735.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, Dad, Zika is not something to be messed with, but it’s also, at this time, not something to be too worried about. There’s about as much chance of you getting today as there is you winning the PowerBall.

If that changes, I’ll let you know.

UPDATE on August 24, 2016 – there are now 14 cases of locally acquired Zika in Florida. All of those are in south Florida hundreds of miles from Orlando.

Comments for

Aug 21, 2016 Dr said no-go
by: Anonymous

I’m 10 weeks pregnant (surprise baby) with Disney trip planned for early Nov. My dr said in no uncertain terms I should not go.

Dad Agrees

I totally agree with your doctor. Pregnant women should not go to Florida right now. While the risk is really, really small, there is a risk and I sure wouldn’t take it.

Jul 30, 2016 Magic Kingdom Mosquitos
by: Anonymous

I was at the Magic Kingdom last night and the train ride had lots of nasty mosquitos! Yikes 🙁

May 31, 2016 Zika at Disney World
by: Floridian

Disney, despite their admirable organizational skills – can’t control mosquitoes. When the Zika virus likely transfers from a visitor to the Florida mosquito population this summer there will be a danger. A pregnant woman coming to Disney World in summer 2016 may be making the most regrettable decision of her life.

Apr 29, 2016 Zika In Florida
by: Anonymous

Why not wait till next year 2017 for a WDW trip. Zika Facts are coming out from CDC, WHO, and NASA mapping. Florida looks like a hotspot of activity. News shows here in US don’t mention it much, as travel is big business… Lots of good safe places in the USA to go. I have had a lot of nasty skeeter bites at WDW, especially in Wilderness Lodge area. All depends on time of year and weather.

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